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Allan 'Lucario' Larsen - Forest, river bank

As Allan was about to turn and run in an attempt at following Samus, he noticed something from the trees shooting another large ball of energy forwards, this one more white-ish in it's hue than his own, or Samus'. He squinted at the being he had seen being rapelled backwards and slammed into a tree, his eyes widening as he saw... Snake?

And just like that, the forest around him exploded into a cacophony of noise, someone dressed up as Captain Falcon rushed in and start taking out several Koopas out in the edge of the mass of angry shells, and just like that, someone who seemed to be dressed up as... Ness, probably, darted past him, shouting out "P.K. Freeze!" followed by "P.K. Fire!".

It took Allan a moment to register that he was aiming his attacks at Samus that had turned to run, his eyes widening. He was close to turning and following to try and protect her, as the Ness character gave him... a look. It made him come to a stop, with a confused look on his eyes, just as a Koopa slammed into his back, sending him tumbling onto the ground.

Gritting his teeth, he pushed himself up and swiftly jumped back, turning to face the horde of turtles. Even if he wanted to help Samus, it wasn't going to be easy with the amount of Koopas still there, despite Captain Falcon whacking away at them. Allan managed to dive backwards as a Koopa flew past him in an attempt at tackling him, letting out a grunt as he narrowed his eyes, not seeing much of an escape as it was right now.

Just then, however, he heard a faint, almost metallic sound, nearly crystallic, actually. Turning his head left and right, his brows raised as he saw a mushroom falling into a bush nearby. Taking no time to rest, he turned and darted forwards with all of the speed of a Lucario, diving into the bush. As he ducked into the leaves, he flailed his hands around, trying to get a hold of the item and finally, his hands closed around it.

The mushroom glowed a firm white for a moment before dispersing and seemingly dissolving into himself. After a second, he felt himself growing to three times his previous size, coming to a stumble, with his head almost stuck in some branches from the trees above.

"Whoa! What the...?!"

Stumbling for a moment, the earth rumbled a little as his heightened weight caused him to push down the ground beneath him, the Koopas coming to somewhat of a halt in confusion, one prey being assaulted by someone else, another one having disappeared and the third, which was now massive. Allan turned around and looked over the situation, his eyes falling on the fallen Snake as he took a breath, knowing he had to make sure he was safe, if anything.

Raising his right hand, he pushed his fingers together, baring his paw as he pulled his arm backwards, slamming several Koopas square on the sides, sending them flying. With a slight grin at his newfound power, he ravaged about ten more Koopas before he had cleared a proper path. His heavy feet slammed against the ground as he set off in a slow, giant dash, eventually leaping over the remainder of the Koopas, coming to a clumsy land in the shrubs, somewhat away from the confused turtles.

He hurried over to the unconcious Snake figure, lowering a hand as he lightly wrapped his fingers around the presumed male Snake, lifting the unconcious figure and placing it on a branch slightly further up, out of harms way. Just as he had done that, he gasped as his form shrunk again, leaving him stumbling for a moment before turning back towards the fight still going on. Hopefully, the Captain Falcon was going to help him dispatch the remainder of the Koopas so he could come to the aid of Samus.