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Dante FareFyre, Level 25, Floor 8.

"Ahh, now you're talking! Finally a challenge worthy of my forging prowess. It'll take a little while to find the materials for crafting a sword of that strength so you may want to come back in a couple of hours; I'll message you when it's done." With that Rapp left his store front and disappeared into his storeroom, leaving Dante alone in the shop. Well I guess I'll go walk around for a bit. Leaving the shop Dante felt a presence behind him and put his hand on the the handle of his sword out of habit only to feel to very soft hands cover his eyes. Oh it's Sona, she came and found me. He though, taking his hand away from his sword to reach up and hold onto her delicate hands.
“Guesssssss whooooo?” Sona whispered softly into Dante's ear before lightly breathing on his neck.
“I think it must be my most beautiful Sona.” He acknowledged, pulling her around his body into his arms. Within that smooth movement he had manage to get a free hand to caress her face as she began blushing; their eye's meeting.

“The sword's not quite ready yet darling, so I'll have to come back here soon before we can go off to dinner.” He said while looking deeply into her eyes and softly caressing her cheek.
Blushing, she replied. “T-that's fine handsome, shall we just walk around for a bit then?”
“Sure my love, lets go.” Sona locked her arm with Dante's and starting clinging to him, her breasts snuggling around his arm, much to his pleasure. The couple proceeded to walk around the market place, flirting openly and getting sweets from a side store. While sharing cotton candy on a stick together Dante got the message. Beep Beep.

[New Message]
From: Rapp
Subject: IT'S DONE!!!

It's done, it's done! Come back instantly, you have to see it! This is my best piece of work yet, it'll last you easily until the 20th floor, most likely even to floor 30 or higher! The gleaming blue blade is glossed with frost gem extract giving it a wonderful shine and it'll be as swift as you could possibly want, plus the razor-sharp tip will really do wonders on boosting your Sword Skills. Just imagine your pretty purple flower dance but three times as fast and fifty times sharper! Plus it won't weigh you down at all with the super light-weight core and the handle should be a truly comfortable fit with the rare wood that it's made from, also making it twice as forceful with each blow! Anyway you'll see for yourself, just get here now!

“Well you just read that message? Are you going to come with me?” He asked, handing the cotton candy to her.
“I'll just come and wait out the front, I don't want to intrude on your business.” She replied, taking another bite of the cotton candy. Nodding, the pair went arm in arm again and heading back to Raposa, sharing bites of cotton candy on the way.
“I'll just wait here for you.” She said letting go and leaning against once of the maple trees.
“Okay darling, see you soon.” He said to her, opening the door and entering the shop.

“CHECK IT OUT! LOOK LOOK LOOK! It's called The Twilight Blade!” An excited Rapp said, waving the freshly made sword.
“Oh it looks my style at least,” Dante said grabbing the sword and inspecting it closer, “Let's see how strong it is?” Taking out his old sword and handing the new sword back to a confused Rapp. “Hold it horizontally.” Rapp looked confused as he held the sword horizontally and nearly screamed when Dante suddenly hit it with his old sword.
“Oh it didn't break, let's trade now, hold this one now.” Trading swords Rapp held the old sword horizontal and again Dante struck it. The sword shattered into pieces as the new sword cut through it effortlessly. “Oh this will work! Thank's heaps man,” He quickly swiped in the air accepting Rapp's friend request, “I'll message you when I need a blacksmith, if you need help again also feel free to message me. See you later, thanks again.” And with that, new sword in his possession turned and opened the door to an awaiting Sona who jumped into his arms. “We can go to dinner now darling. Bye Rapp!” The door closed as he finished his sentence. The couple then proceeded to walk towards a recommended restaurant, once again arm in arm with Sona clinging to him.

A few days later.

More and more players began congregating in front of the boss doors. Dante looked over the group, wondering if any of them knew of her special ability to cause people to stab themselves. There was a few group of players arguing with each other spread out and a few players playfully teasing each other, two different ends of the spectrum participating in the boss battle today. I hope the people arguing don't get in the road or get themselves killed because of their frustrations with each other. He though turning around and looking at the door. There was a few players he recognised near him that waved to him when they saw him. A few of the approached Dante to talk to him. After a quick chat he told them about her special ability and sent them off to spread it into the group as much as possible. After a minute they reconvened on him, telling of their success of telling other players about her ability. “Okay then, let's go my friends.” Dante said, pushing the door open for all players. As the doors creaked opened, all players turned and faced it, ready to charge when the doors allowed them the room.

Group after group began flooding into the room, Dante in the lead with a few of the players that he was talking to early following him. “Remember, don't look into her eye's.” He stated once again as they took up position in front of her, her snake hair hissing angrily as she gazed over all the players rushing into her sanctuary. The entirety of the players circled around Salathar, beginning their attacks. Dante's groups of elites all followed his lead, using their speed skills and sword arts in unity to do significant damage to her belly before jumping away as a group to dodge the snake hair. Signalling to the few players with him to go around her side they all quickly sprinted off to begin their next attack. They barraged her side again, Dante's purple trail following his new sword as it's significant power was showing off, taking off noticeably chunks of Salathar's health with each strike. Again they all jumped back, dodging the snakes hair only to hear a scream of horror.

Dante stopped, as his small group followed Salathar's line of sight to see a player they all recognised stabbing himself in the chest. He should have known about her ability! Damn it! Dante braced himself as the player stabbed himself one last time, smashing into thousands of data fragments. Some of the players who had been battling with Dante stepped back in shocked. “Don't let it dishearten you guys, you know not to look at her eyes. We have to beat her to save everyone from this world who provides for us.” Most players now had stopped attacking and had all looked at the disappearing data fragments, looking in shock. This horrible boss, I'll destroy you for that. Activating his sonic leap sword skill, he dashed forward leaving behind his signature purple trail. Plunging his sword deeply into the snake's side he swept it out as she went to counter him with her hair, which he sliced in half with ease. Salathar's attention still wasn't on Dante, which confused him before he heard “Everyone get ready to attack!”

Looking in the direction of the voice he saw a girl stabbing herself, looking into Salathar's eye's. That is possibly the stupidest thing I've ever seen someone do. He thought as he commanded his small group to begin attacking. With his group now with him they began furiously slicing into Salathar, cutting off her hair now or taking the hit while trying instead of dodging. With the small group holding their own other players began joining in, quickly taking Salathar's attention away from the girl who feel to her knee's gasping. With their confidence now restored the players once again began attacking, with brave (idiotic) players taking turns falling under the spell. Taking less damage now as her attention on the spell only lasted about a quarter of the time it usually did with the amount of damage she was taking.

Ordering his group back Dante took in the battle again, seeing there was many players struggling with the tail and hair. “Okay guys, we are going to lock down the tail and hair, you three I want you to stab her tail and hold it from attacking people as good as possible. You come with me, we'll get her hair.” Without hesitation the group agree and nodded, sprinting off to the side of Salathar to get to her tail. As they got around her they saw a few players had had the more or less the same idea and were trying to get rid of the tails threat as well. All five of them activated their Sonic Leap and stabbed their swords into her tail while another player ran down it on the other side, dagger buried deep. While three of his group stay and plunged their sword's deeper Dante pulled his sword out, in a slashing motion to do more damage and jumped onto her back, his wingman following soon behind. The pair now running up her back began slicing away the snake hair as it tried to attack them, doing a nice amount of damage. Salathar's health was in it's last bar as they approached her head. Activiting another sword art Dante sped to the lead, his sword taking down several of her snake hair in one swept as he closed in on her neck.
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