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    James “Jay” Rybak

    After replying to Wyatt’s question, Evie asked me and Orange, “What about you guys?”
    With luck, I hoped to give an acceptable answer. I separated my lips, and tried to speak. I was anxious about saying something wrong. Throughout the day, I met many new people, and befriending others as well. I usually wasn’t used to talking in groups easily. I was generally used to talking in one-to-one conversations. I’m glad that meeting these new people that slowly built my confidence up. I was still nervous, but not as panicky at the beginning when I first arrived at this island.

    I began with a scrawny stutter, and tried to reintroduce myself and my Pokemon, “Err…Ummm…Hi… My name is James Rybak. You may call me Jay if you wish as a nickname. I am fourteen years old. The blue bird with the fluffy wings is Emil. Nalafari, my Starly is the king of my head,” Nalafari gave me a soft, playful peck on my head, I chuckled a bit and then continued,” Samuel is the little bird by Evie’s Umbreon, Leka. My Pokemon and I are from Cherrygrove of the Johto region. I arrived at this island earlier today. Like you and Wyatt, I am also in the Raikou Dorm. Ummmm…I guess that’s all I have to say?”

    I decided to let Nalafari and Emil be with Samuel to let them enjoy their time here. I put my hands near Nalafari and Emil’s feet for them to step up onto my hands. Emil and Nalafari were soon perched on my hands. I walked to the location of my Pidgey and Evie’s Umbreon, and I let Emil and Nalafari settle on the sand near Samuel and Leka. Nalafari began to cheep to Samuel and Leka.

    I turned to Orange to see what he has to say in reply to Evie’s question. Orange responded to Evie’s question after I finished my reintroduction and I settled my Pokemon down on the sand, “Well, I've been here for about 4 hours, and I've been having a great time! The dorm I'm in, Raikou, what else? I am at a loss for battling, and can't remember stupid type matchups. I flunked the battling portion, and got an average grade for the written portion. In a nutshell, my name is Orange, and I want to be the best pokemon researcher in the entire world."

    Orange gave a weak smile after he introduced himself. Orange looked gloomy as a wilted flower. Even though he was the first person I met on this island, he was the first friend I made on this island. I had to help him. I walked towards to the younger trainer to try to comfort him, “Orange, are you alright?”


    As I flew to Leka, he grinned at me and gave me a hospitable, gruff bark, “They were some nice moves you’ve got there” He laughed, and bowed his head, “Been awhile since I have seen any battling action. But it was an honour to get a chance to fight alongside you,” Leka released a crafty grin before he continued with cheerily, “How long have you been with your trainer? I mean you, Nalafari and Emil. You work so well together, couldn't have just come naturally right?”

    I bowed back to Leka to respect him,” Thank you Leka, it is an honor to fight along with you as well. My friends, Emil and Nalafari, and I had been with our trainer, James, since he was a young child. I was born in an aviary at my trainer’s house. The earliest memory I could remember was when I first opened my eyes when I was a young, petite chick was the warmth of Nalafari and Emil beside me while we were cuddling each other for warmth. I was the youngest of the trio of birds. Over the years, Emil, Nalafari, and I had bonded over the years. My mother, a Pidgeot, would call us the Freudian Trio because of our personalities are similar to the Freudian philosophy of the ego, superego, and the id. I was the id, Emil was the ego, and Nalafari was the superego. I believe it is the relationship that developed over time that caused us to work together well,” I took a brief moment to remember the adventures I had with my friends as a young fledgling leading to my current age. I remember Nalafari’s snarky smirks whenever he won a race between me and Emil. I remember Emil’s joyful, timid slight smile whenever she completes a work of art to share with us. I could remember reading a Pokemon biology book with James while nestled in a blanket on James’s bed with him.

    I heard the pattering of footprints on the sand. James was walking with Emil and Nalafari perched on his hands, towards me and Leka. Emil stepped down from her perch, and onto the sand. Nalafari hopped off James’s hand, landing beside me. A few feathers were sticking out of Emil when she did not finish preening. Emil fluffed up her feathers and ruffled them to put the feathers back in place. Emil was behind Nalafari, and was showing part of her face with a timid expression on her beak and shyness within her eyes.

    Of the two birds that had just arrived, Nalafari was the first to speak,” Hey there Sammy and Lee! That battle was amazing! Especially how our attacks combined togetha made the Corphish retreat. Did ya see my attack? I was like whoosh, and then I was like that and this. I haven’t battled for foreva ever since I’ve arrived at this island. We should hang out. Do ya wanna be friends?”

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