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Originally Posted by tykwow View Post
Hello, I've been doing a lot of research on the original base sets and everything. I recently bought 4 charizard cards. 2 of them have a little black mark beside the bottom right of the portrait, and the other 2 are base set 1 charizards without the black checkish mark. I've been looking online and I think the checked ones are unlimited? but cant find their worth. i haven't received them yet so I don't know if the other 2 are shadowless or not. prices for each? also,
1st edition shining celebi, mint
I'm asking because I'm looking to buy this lot of 130+ holos from someone locally for about $160, and they're all holos from base set 1 to the dark pokemon (I think, i haven't seen them all). Some are 1st edition, some aren't. Just wanna make sure it's worth the money. :)
The ones from the unlimited print run shouldn't have any checkmarks at all. A picture would help me identify those. As for the ones you have already, are those 1st edition?

1st Edition Shining Celebi can fetch anywhere between $50 and $100 by itself, and far more than that if it's PSA graded, so I think the lot you're looking at is worth it.

Originally Posted by dudesikoff View Post
Japanese Red Gyarados 3 stars No. 130 in great condition.
$45 to $65.

Originally Posted by judah196 View Post
How much are these worth:
Gengar shiny 80hp 11/110

houndoom G lv. 45 90hp 50/127

Flareon shiny lv. 38 80hp 19/111

Dark marowak 70hp 7/109

Quagsire GL lv. 34 90hp 76/117

Ninjask shiny card lv. 42 80hp

bottom of ho-oh legend card 112/123

Probopass shiny lv. 46 90hp 13/146

ursaring shiny lv. 38 100hp 38/123

bastiodon lv. 56 130hp 20/127

A mismagius that says rampardos GL lv. 63 90hp 11/111

vigoroth shiny lv. 28 80hp 64/127

samurott shiny 140hp 31/114

shiny garchomp lv. 71 650hp 5/147

shiny electivire lv. 50 100hp 25/132

shiny card whiscash elite four lv. 50 80hp 54/111

Yanmega elite four lv. 49 37/111

starmie lv. 44 shiny 50/111

breloom 70hp 16/109

There will be more but just these for now
I can't price them if you don't provide sets for these. 90% of these cards share similar traits with another card, and I can't guess the sets they're from just with the collector's number level, and HP. I need the actual set name for most of these.

I can price Ho-Oh LEGEND's bottom half for you, though, as there's only one possible card that could be. That would be $4 to $7.
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