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Originally Posted by whatsgoindown View Post
Hi All,

I would like to get an idea of the general consensus for the pricing of part of my collection:

PSA Graded 10 Team Rocket First Edition Dark Raichu 83/82
Base Set First Edition Shadowless Charizard in Mint Condition (There are 2)
GMA Graded 10 Neo Destiny Shining Charizard 107/105
PSA Graded 8.5 Neo Destiny First Edition Shining Charizard 107/105

It appears I am unable to load a picture to this post, please view my album for a photo.
pokecommunity . com/picture.php?albumid=8467&pictureid=68208

Also, what are your opinions of the pricing of Pokemon cards in general? Are they going up? Down? Or staying constant?
If there is an existing forum discussion on this question already please link me.
The last two PSA 8 graded Shining Charizard cards went for $122.50 on November 19 and for $51.00 on November 23. For an 8.5 grading, I'd say that $70 to $85 is what you could probably expect, given the fact that the past few listings on eBay haven't sold with a price of $114 for the base bid.

As for the GMA 10 graded one, it's probably worth $130 to $145, based on what has and hasn't sold for both gradings of its level and lower gradings.

1st Edition Shadowless Charizards: Presently, people seem to be willing to post up a premium price for them, with a few ungraded ones going for between $200 and $300 (far closer to the $220 to $245 range, to be more precise). Though graded ones have also been going in that range, so I expect a market correction in the pricing of one of these soon.

PSA 10 Dark Raichu: $40 to $50. Some PSA 8 graded ones are currently being sold and have been sold for a lower value, making the price of the PSA 10 one likely to drop from the last sale of $57.

For most of the older cards, the prices are past the peak they were at several years ago. The rarest ones and the ones most in demand, however, are an exception to this, though the prices in general have been fluctuating regularly with the seasons, as demand also fluctuates.
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