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As a franchise, I like Mega Man a whole lot more than I do Pokemon. But even so, I was only mildly disappointed with all of Capcom's cancellations of Mega Man games (life goes on, yada yada yada).

That said, I can't wait until tomorrow to try this game out. I'm well aware that it's a fan game, and it shows in some areas. In the gameplay videos, it looks like they're's something off with the weight. That is, there's not a very good sense of gravity, and objects just drop (aside from Mega Man).

Also, the Mets seemed to drop back under their hats way too suddenly. The last game that I can recall them doing that in was Mega Man 1. So I have some minor nitpicks, but if it doesn't take away from the fun factor, I'll let slide because it's not a CoJ project (which doesn't automatically equal quality either, looking at Xover).

Also I'm really glad they used the retro Mega Man system instead of the Street Fighter system, or even a modern Mega Man style. Retro Mega Man still can't be beat.
I'll agree to the former, much more fair for the Mega Man series. But I dunno too much about the latter. Sometimes I think there's far too much rose-tinting in regards to the classic Mega Man franchise. I'll concede that the controls were tighter, but regression/stagnation is never the answer to any series.
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