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    I know I took longer then I've should have, but here is my finished sign-up, if I can still apply, that is. First time doing this, so if there's anything wrong with it just tell me! ^^

    Name: Alexander ''Alex'' Backman
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Swedish
    Character: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Differences: Sonic can be an easy or a hard costume to make, depending on how far you take it. Due to Alex being a bit on the lazy side, his costume isn't the most complex one and was fairly easy to make. Standing at somewhere between 5'4 feet, Alex is quite taller than the original. His skin has a slight olive tone to it, and instead of a deep green, his eyes are more of an amber like color. His already pretty long hair has been colored light blue and is styled in a downward spiky fashion to represent Sonic's quills. He has a pair of simple white gloves which has been altered to look more like the real deal and the trademark shoes are just a pair of regular sneakers, although it is painfully clear that they have been recolored in a rush. When it comes to the clothes, Alex wears a light yellow t-shirt and a blue sleeveless vest on top with yellow edges, along with a pair of shorts that has the same design as the vest and reaches down to his knees. He could have colored himself blue, but that would be a bit over the top, don't you think?

    Roleplay Sample: Sand. More or less the first thought that came to Alex's mind as the world around him slowly started to return. It took a few moments before he realized he had passed out face first on the beach. With a quick push, he was up in a sitting position. Taking a few moments to let his eyes adjust to the sudden light, Alex spit out a handful of sand and bruised some out of his hair. Where exactly was he, and more importantly, how did he even end up here? The massive headache he had didn't really help him to remember at all. Taking some deep breaths to calm himself down, Alex's eyes widened as it all started to come back to him.

    He had been at this convention thing... Nintendofest! And this Wario guy had approached him but what had happened after that? The only thing he could remember was being stuffed into some sort of box or something. Looking around, he noticed the smashed up crate and the cut rope a few feet away from him. Had he been kidnapped... by Wario, of all people? The thought was absurd but for the time being, that was pretty much the only explanation he could come up with. But still, Wario? The guy hardly looked like he could pull something like that off!

    Anyway, putting those thoughts aside for now, it was time to figure out where he was. Walking around the tropical beach for a little while, he quickly realized that it didn't really look like it had an end. The only other place he could see was a large forest further inland from where he was. Just as he began to take a few steps towards the forest, the intense light from the sun seemed to become even stronger. Alex had a split second to look up before a white dragon suddenly stood right in front of him from seemingly out of nowhere, causing Alex to cry out in shock and instinctively back away. Thinking fast, he grabbed a random rock on the sand and held it out as if it was the ultimate weapon in the universe.

    “G-go away! I-I will hurt you!” The fear in his voice obviously betrayed him and he realized how stupid that actually sounded. He started to slowly walk backwards to the crate, afraid of enraging the weird creature in front of him. Maybe if he could reach the box, he could use it to capture the dragon in...some way... OK, that was a stupid idea. What if he-

    ''Don't be afraid. I am not here to hurt you.” It started, interrupting Alex's thoughts. “My name is Camelia. I am the one who rescued you.” The dragon's voice had a feminine tone to it, and it even sounded genuine! Upon further investigation, he realized the dragon was humanoid, having white hair and white fur, along with big golden-colored wings that almost made her look like an angel! But before he could comment on it, she continued.

    “Now listen, I don't have much time. My brother Insane sent those beings to kidnap you and several others to this island. He has plans on destroying the universe and I can't stop him on my own. That's why I'm going to grant you the powers of your character, Sonic the Hedgehog.” With that, she reached out to Alex's right hand. Alex himself didn't make a move to stop her. He was more or less paralyzed, half from shock and half from still being afraid. As soon as Camelia took his hand, a bright glow appeared. Alex shielded his eyes and as soon as the light disappeared, Camelia let go, uttering “I wish you the best of luck, Alexander.” before lifting off into the sky just as fast as she had appeared.

    Alex just kinda stood there for a few moments, looking down at the ground, lost in thoughts. What had just happened? Had it been real? Was he and these other people the only hope for the world? He had been left with more questions than answers. But if he truly had the powers of Sonic... Going down into a runner's starting position, he counted down to three before blasting off.

    And it was amazing. Alex couldn't come close to comprehend how fast he was actually running. Looking down, his feet moved so fast that they appeared to be in a classic figure 8 pattern just like in the game. Deciding to go even further, Alex ran a bit more before jumping and curling up into a ball, a bit awkwardly but still just like he had done it all his life. He landed on the ground stylishly, even going as far as to strike a pose.

    “Sonic's the name, speed's my game!” With a small chuckle, he turned to the forest. If he now really had these powers, well then it was time to put them to good use. Speeding off towards the forest, he decided his first objective would be to hopefully find someone else close by.