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New Bark Town

The possibly smallest town in Johto. Players start here but have no home of their own. A great number of less serious players are still hiding here, trying to make the days go by without any danger. There is no pokémon center or pokémart, but there is the laboratory. There, you received your starter from professor Elm, a digital GM.

Elm now seems to be a bit bugged since he is experiencing the anxiety that professor Elm's character would over the situation of the players, but still trying to be serious and seek out the problem, like a GM should. He is however unable to find a solution to the three main problems - whiting out, logging out and the lockdown from other regions.

Special quest givers:

Professor Elm
! You've already received a pokémon and started your career as a pokémon trainer.
NOTE - you can almost always make up your own quests and quest givers on top of what I'm suggesting here in the info post, as long as it fits with the general theme of the area!

Route 29

A fairly short and uneventful route. A few species of pokémon live here and will jump at players if they step out into the tall grass or into the patches of forest that line the road at times. Goes from New Bark in the east to Cherrygrove in the west.

Special quest givers:

Young NPC trainers
Wanting practice battles. Like all NPC trainers, they pay you money if you win. And if you lose, you die. So.

Wild pokémon:

Cherrygrove City

One of the smaller cities of Johto but currently the most densely populated. Most of the players are staying here. Some are training against each others with strict rules of not using all pokémon, to eliminate the risk of whiting out.

Cherrygrove has both a pokémon center and a pokémart. At the pokémon center, players can heal their pokémon for free and rent a room with a bed for the night. Resting in a bed at night makes your pokémon grow a little bit quicker the next day. At the pokémart, stuff like potions, antidotes and pokéballs can be bought. To the east lies Route 29, to the north lies Route 30 and to the west lies a bay of the sea. Across the water, you can glimpse Route 32.

Profession trainers:
This is the first area where players can learn an in-game profession. Professions are useful for earning extra money if you don't want to battle all the time. Some professions are also downright necessary for evolving certain pokémon or acquiring certain items, but you don't have to learn all the professions yourself - try to make friends with people with different professions so that you can help each other!

There is a building called House of the Berry Brewers, where several alchemists work to teach trainers how to find the right berries and plants and how to make potions and medicine from them. (healing items, status ailment items, repels and vitamins)

Special quest givers:

gives you an Old Rod if you do him a favor. "A favor" means it's up to your creativity.
gives you a PokéGear with a map, a radio (with headphones, yay!) and the possibility to contact important NPCs when you have their number, if you travel to Mr Pokémon on Route 30 and bring back an item that the oddball refused to send without personal escort. The item is (not surprising) a pokémon egg. Note: the mayor is a woman.

Wild pokémon:
Fishing in sea with Old Rod:

Route 30

Route 30 stretches north from Cherrygrove City to Route 31. Rain often comes down from the mountains in the east. The landscape has a lot of cliffs and hills with both pine and leafy forest. There are some rivers coming down from the mountains, forming tiny lakes and ponds. Lots of dense trees and tall grass makes for a good place to find wild pokémon.

In the middle of the route, the road divides. The western road is relatively open still, but the eastern road is rather densely vegetated. To reach Mr Pokémon's cottage, one needs to take the eastern road, though.

Special quest givers:

Mr Pokémon
If you did not speak with the mayor in Cherrygrove, Mr Pokémon will ask you to deliver a strange pokémon egg to her back in the city. The mayor will not give you any reward. If you return to Mr Pokémon afterwards, he will give you a Pokédex that he apparently had laying around. With the pokédex, you can easily keep track of what pokémon you have seen and captured, and read trivia and information about them and their abilities and habitats the the in-game menu wouldn't tell you. It can also sense if other pokédex holders are in the vicinity.

Wild pokémon:

Fishing in ponds/rivers with Old Rod:

Route 31

Starting where Route 30 ends and leading to Violet City in the west, this is a fairly short route. First, there is a rather steep road/climb from Route 30, leading to the entrance of Dark Cave. Inside, it is so horribly dark that you won't be able to go far before you get lost and have to turn back to the little light coming from the entrance.

The western part of the route will have you descend from the mountain-like landscape among flowery fields until you reach the next city. In these fields, some pokémon can be found.

There is currently a forest fire going on near the Dark Cave! You can include it in your posts in any way you'd like but you can't put it out completely.

Wild pokémon:

In the Dark Cave:

NOTE: you can't have done any of the quests before the start of the RP - except for New Bark Town and Route 29. If you want to start in Violet City (in case your character is likely to be at the front lines or something?) but still want a pokédex, you'll have to write about traveling back and doing the quest to get it.

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