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Pokemon Red 151

Pokémon Red 151 is self explanatory by it's title, this hack will enable you to capture all 151 Pokemon in-game through different methods.
Not only can you capture all Pokemon but you will notice a staggering increase in difficulty. Thanks to Miksy91 for help with hex editing.

Hack Details

Hack Of:
Hack Name: Pokémon Red 151
Date Created: 18th December 2012
Creator: Blue

★ 151 Pokémon - All 151 Pokémon will be obtainable some way through trades, wild, events etc.
★ Difficulty - All Trainers & Bosses now have stronger teams with much higher levels.
★ Stat Changes - Some Pokémon have increased stats - See Document for further details.
★ In-Game Trades - The in-game traders will now have Pokémon that require trade for evolution i.e Kadabra, Haunter etc.
★ Colour - Thanks to Danny-E 33's Colour & Graphic patch, the game will now play in full colour and will have updated sprites from Generation II.


Here are some of the in-game changes.


Please Click Here to download or refer to the attatchment below.

css by twilightblade

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