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I love the Mother series as much as the next guy, maybe more considering the next guy may not even know what we're talking about, but I'd have to vouch against reviving it. Even with Itoi at the helm once more, there's a point where you can go too far. As a substitute, I would suggest a new series from Itoi if we wanted some more of that "Itoi magic". If that's successful, we could have a couple of sequels of that too, and then stop. Afterall, are we putting more value in Itoi as a writer, or are we just idolizing the brand he put out? There's a few good reasons why most movies only have 2 related sequels max. Anything after that is usually a cash grab, and/or falters in quality.

Eheh, there ought to be a topic about franchises that should've ended in their prime a long time ago. That's the one thing I can give to a series like Mother and Darkstalkers, and while I miss both of them (and wish new generations could experience them without being blinded by how old it is), I haven't been impressed by too many revivals, either.

But I'll give in to my indulgent, curious side and say I'd love to see a Darkstalkers 4, even if I have a sick feeling I'll, and a bunch of other fans, possibly regret it. Prove me wrong, Capcom. Or don't do it. Either way.

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