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Title: Tales of the Western Lands(M)
Link to fic:
Summary: The battle of the legendary priestess Sakura and the evil shadow demon Orpheus, who's the ruler of the Shadow World. All this and the love for the demon lord of the western lands. Sesshomaru never thought he could fall for a human. But here he is, head over hills in love with, Rin's older sister. SesshomaruxOC
Degree of Completion: In Progress
One-shot or Chaptered Fic: Chaptered Fic

This is an Inuyasha fic. I didn't see the Genre for fighting, so I added in Other. I hope it's not under too many Genres. But I didn't see a limit on the rules for how many it could be under.

Please check out my InuYasha fanfiction and tell me what you think.
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