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    Originally Posted by LMFAO. Word up. View Post
    No you won't see a new gen for awhile, Gen 5 is still pretty fresh.

    If you look at gaps in the game markets which is normally when you see new gens it goes.

    Kanto is 1996, Johto is 1999, Hoenn is 2002, Sinnoh is 2006, Unova is 2010.

    If you look then you get an idea new gens come out about every 3-4 years after the last, so you should expect to see a new gen in 2013-2014 Which could actually mean it might be next year, but with the recent release of BW2 i wouldn't count on it.
    If you go by US Release Dates Its:
    Kanto - 1998
    Johto - 2000
    Hoenn - 2003
    Kanto Remake - 2004
    Sinnoh - 2007
    Johto Remake - 2010
    Unova - 2011
    Unova Sequel - 2012

    So I Would expect them to Anounce Gen VI Soon more or less But the Anime won't end until the Games are actually released in Japan (Thats why Sinnoh was so damn long)

    EDIT: In recent years we have seen a New Main Series Pokemon Game Every Year since the Johto Remake's
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