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The Team Rocket Arc was what? 3 or 4 episodes? It was part of the Rival Destinies Season, but still. The "N" Season May last 3 or 4 months, but that ends before the movie if they don't skip weeks or drag out episodes. That's 12 to 16 episodes. At most 18 based on that for any random 5 week months we may get.

This depends on what they are doing. I'm trying to see what BW, Rival Destinies and Adventure in Unova were (apparently those three arcs are Season 1 and N is Season 2.)

We are looking at an unknown item currently. I'm hoping for 50+ more episodes personally because I like this series and thought it was moving too fast. Plasma is apparently going to be a major B2W2 shift while everything before was supposedly B/W.

Right now though, with lack of info, I don't see it going all the way to July. If it does, I see it ending around there. Hope to be wrong because I really want more for this series, but there isn't much left for them to do and this seems like it'll be the transition season into the next main season. (much like how Kanto was for Advance Generation and the bits between Sinnoh and Unova series.)
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