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NOTE: In your first post, include a summary of your week in Johto. It can be brief or fill up a post, as long as it explains why you start where you start.

Violet City

This is one of the older and more traditional style cities of Johto. It's slightly bigger than Cherrygrove, but there aren't at all as many players here yet. There is a pokémon center and a pokémart and the first pokémon Gym that you'll see in Johto.

There is the Trainer's Academy building, where players can train against each other supervisioned by NPC coaches. It has been discovered that within the walls of this building, whiting out doesn't do anything! As long as you don't try to leave the building without healing your pokémon first, at least. That detail was discovered when a girl did just that and evaporized just outside the door. News of this building has tempted even more careful players to travel north over the past couple of days since Violet was reached. Unfortunately for more advanced players, only non-evolved pokémon can be trained here.

Another landmark is the Sprout Tower, a tall, traditional japanese style tower that seems to tick back and forth because of its swaying central pillar. The tower is infested with ghosts and other pokémon that the monks call vermin. The monks themselves are quite relentless, challenging any trainer they see above the first floor.

Special quest givers:

Remember that quests can often be done together with a party member! The Headmaster's quest is a solo quest, but if you team up with someone in the Sprout Tower quest, you will only need to defeat 6 intruders in total but receive one TM each!

Academy Headmaster (SOLO)
If you win three battles in a row at the Academy, he will give you an Exp. Share. Funnily, if you lose three battles in a row, you will get the same reward! If you give it to a pokémon that is weak or unfit for battle, experience gained by the battling pokémon will be split and shared with this one. It means that your battling pokémon will grow slower (keep this in mind!) but that the weaker pokémon will grow faster.
Monks in Sprout Tower
On the first floor, you might hear about a recent ghost infestation that the monks are trying to drive out. Therefore, visitors are recommended to stay clear of the higher floors. If you go up, the flustered monks will be challenging you. If you defeat at least six wild pokémon in the tower, the Master Sage will reward you with a TM. You will choose OOC what TM it will be.

Wild pokémon:
In Sprout Tower:


Violet City Gym: FALKNER // FLYING

Falkner inherited the gym from his father and is still a young man, but he is working hard to walk in his father's footsteps and become a respected leader. The apprentices training at the gym are friends with him. Like most NPCs in MAO, he acts much like a real human would. The gym is a wooden building and the main arena has a roof that can be opened, and it is always opened during gym battles.
The badge acquired if you win is the Zephyr Badge, which allows you to use the move Flash outside of battle, whenever you obtain that HM. Falkner also gives you a TM of your choice.

In Violet City's gym, you have to beat one gym apprentice (aka: annoying gym trainer) before you can face the leader. One of the challengers so far whited out already here, but most reached Falkner without trouble since the gym apprentices aren't very strong. Annoying thing to implement in the RP? Well, the gym leaders are the bosses! They're not meant to be quickly taken care of.

Leader's pokémon:

You may assign them any level, attacks and abilities you see fit.


The next routes...

WEST - There are pokémon rangers who have sealed off this route because of disturbances in the pokémon wildlife which make the route dangerous for humans. You cannot pass by them for now.

SOUTH - Professor Elm's aide is stopping any trainers that received a pokémon from the professor in New Bark! She says that professor Elm is watching over them and knows that they are not strong enough to continue south unless they prove themselves by beating Falkner and earning the Zephyr badge. If you try to sneak by her, you'll find your body turning around on its own.

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