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    Originally Posted by coolcatkim22 View Post
    Kind of. I mean, I still want there to be certain features from Gen 1 in it and the story doesn't have to be exactly like Gen 1's but similar.
    Then you're just another one of those Kanto purists.

    Not exactly. It was more about the main character trying to prove himself to his rival while also trying to fulfill the dreams of Professor Oak.
    The villains were more or less just there. The hero wasn't really fighting them because he was trying to save the world, or because he's journey was about fighting evil. It was just something he sort of did partially because Team Rocket kept challenging him, partially because they were in his way and partially because he thought what they were doing was wrong.
    Though, you could argue with that and say the hero meant to disband Team Rocket or at least stop Giovanni, and being that he's a silent protagonist I couldn't argue with that but, it's kind of hard to think that he would have that in mind when he has other objectives and he's only ten.
    If you read any of Masuda's interviews regarding Gen 1, he said that the story was going to be about a trainer stopping a villain from taking over the world before it was changed into just collecting Pokemon and becoming champion.

    Yeah I know, that was a stupid reason. Look, I'm not saying that the game should go all over the place but making it linear is just way to simplistic.
    In every game there are going to be parts where the players get stuck (except in simple games like pong). It's natural for that happen and your suppose to figure out a way to over come them. It doesn't mean necessarily, that the game is flawed and the game has to become easier.
    But there are parts where it's impossible to get past by yourself through trial and error, resorting you to use a guide to help you. It has happened to me in the past, and it has happened to me today.

    I don't know about this. Could you give me an example?
    In one of BMGF's weekly polls, it mentioned about Gen I-IV having an old EXP system that was based on the number of EXP the Pokemon gives regardless of what level it is on. Training by beating Pokemon who give out the highest EXP helped result ing overpowering one of your Pokemon. This was later changed in Gen V when it's also based on the level of the Pokemon you're facing, so your Pokemon doesn't gain so many levels. TV Tropes also mentions this on their Game Breaker page for more information.

    No, no it is not. I don't even know where you got this idea from.
    Nintendo has always been making games that are easy to pick up, fun to play, but hard to master (if you want to go competitive). Casual players tend to be afraid of traditional JRPGs for their complex game mechanics.

    So? I can do that with anything. I don't buy games so I put restrictions on myself, I buy games so they can challenge me.
    Then you're better off playing NES/arcade games than modern day games.
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