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Madalyn Martinez [Parker]
New Bark Town

The wind was a bit strong, but cool in New Bark Town. Not many players wandered around the town, some managed to move on. But for Parker, she decided to stay. Sitting on a wooden bench as players passed by, her black, multi-colored hair blew behind her, as the breeze was a bit strong. It felt like typical New Bark Town weather. Parker didn't “start” journey immediately like the others. Not because she's lazy, but she's nervous. She was already given a Pokemon, KC the Cyndaquil. She already got her PokeDex, Pokeballs, and a special potion from Professor Elm at the lab. So what was next? It was time for Parker to move on. But she doesn't want to. She is just too scared.

Too make mistakes.

She's scared that she'll be making mistakes in this virtual world. Mistakes that can kill her own body, her real life Madalyn Martinez body. Parker wondered whatever happened to that real life body of hers. Her father, the only man she loved, may have taken her to the hospital finally. At least he knew her spirit was in the game. The Pokemon felt real in the game, it was her dream come true to touch a Pokemon, and how they felt like. KC was furrier than what Parker had thought. His flames were real too, at least that's what she had seen...not felt.

The Cyndaquil, who was sitting next to Parker, rubbed his eyes with his little hands. His nose twitched as he smelled the wind blew toward him. He immediately got accustomed to Parker as Professor Elm gave him to her as a starter Pokemon, although Parker wanted a Chikorita or some other grass-type starter. It's typical Parker who always tend to make these similar mistakes.

Parker then got up from her bench, and grabbed KC with both arms wrapped all around him. “Are you ready to go, sweetie? I am. But I won't go if you are ready to go.”

KC nodded, not making a response verbally...but at least he showed a bit of a courtesy.

“You're just waiting for me to make the next move, are ye?” Parker said, finally starting to walk towards the entrance of Route 29. Other players in New Bark Town were also heading towards that route too. There was a lot to see on that route, more than just the wild Pokemon. It wasn't just exclusively Kanto and Johto Pokemon, but there were Pokemon from all over the world. Parker couldn't wait to get started, but she'll have to be very careful for the sake of her real life.

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