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    As the Kimono Girls and their pokemon danced elegantly on the stage, they began to change formation. The five eeveeloutions began to dance in a circle around Naoko as she sat in the center of the stage plucking soft and delicate notes from her instrument. The other four Kimono Girls were split into pairs with two at each side of the center formation and were now dancing with decorated paper fans. The girls spun around as they danced, fanning the falling flower petals around as their kimonos swayed with their movements. As they reached the climax of the performance Naoko began to play faster and with greater intensity, the others dancing in perfect rhythm. At the finale, Naoko played the final set of notes and the Kimono Girls struck a pose with the fans. They hid their faces quietly behind the fans while they bowed respectfully to the crowd, their pokemon following suit. As the velvet curtains closed he crowd broke out into applause, clapping and showing praise to the honorable dancers.

    "Beautiful!" cried a woman in the crowd as she clapped.

    "Well that was one of the best performances I've seen here," said Morty as he applauded. "The Kimono Girls sure worked hard putting that together for this ceremony."

    "Yeah they really showed us something! I couldn't stop watching the whole time," Randy said as he joined in with the rest of the crowd. "I'm glad I was here to see this special performance, there definitely won't be another one like it anytime soon."

    As the crowd began to settle, the curtains reopened to reveal the five Kimono Girls and their pokemon standing center stage. They bowed once again before addressing the crowd.

    "We thank you all for the praise, it is an honor for us to put on such a meaningful performance," spoke Kimono Girl Miki.

    "Yes, we are truly honored that you enjoyed it," said Sayo.

    "We aren't done yet though! There is another performance we have arranged for tonight," said Kuni as she smiled serenely at the crowd.

    "Up next we have a very special performance by a trainer named Aria Bloome, who will be playing a Legendary Beast tribute song on her violin!" began Naoko.

    "Yes! So it is with a warm welcome that we will bring our next performer to the stage. Everyone please welcome Aria Bloome!" said Kimono Girl Zuki.

    One by one each Kimono Girl made a quick bow and then exited the stage, leaving the space free for the upcoming performer. The crowd sat quietly as they eagerly anticipated the next performance of the evening, their attention focused upon the stage.


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