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<<BiRDiE>> // Cherrygrove City
Do you know what's scarier than being attacked? Scarier than dying? It's the knowing. To know that it's imminent. Of course, we all die; this is a fact we all must accept at one point in our life. But to know that it's lying around a very close corner? That in any second, you could be pulled away from your consciousness and into some unknown abyss? It's scary as hell. So scary, in fact, that Birdie was frozen solid on the very edge of Cherrygrove City, literally a step away from what he thought was imminent death.

He had seen what he thought was death maybe twice now. Reckless trainers thinking they can take this unknown with no strategy other than 'go'. It was a little stupid, but Birdie admired their courage. But courage can only get so far before you need luck and wits.

"Good morning!" Birdie almost fell over when a voice shouted rather joyfully from behind. He spun around and came face to face with one of the NPCs, though Birdie had already spoken to this one yesterday. Regardless that they were a lifeless bit of programming, Birdie replied politely.

"Good morning, ma'am," he bowed his head at the NPC, who mimicked the movement and moved on to whatever they were programmed to do. They were so realistic; it was so hard to believe that this was just a game. This all was just a game.

There was a flutter of wings and a low croon from Birdie's right. Yeah, Todo wasn't real either. But Birdie could pat him, give him a scratch and talk to him and he would respond. It was every Pokémon fan's dream to have a real life Pokémon but Birdie was still too dazy from the lockdown to realise that his real-life counterpart would have been dreaming of this kind of adventure since she was ten.

"M-maybe not today," Birdie hung his head and turned around, heading back into Cherrygrove. Todo seemed a little disappointed, sighing at his master, but didn't complain. There wasn't much to do in Cherrygrove but shop and Birdie's funds were slowly but surely depleting. He had to do something soon to get money otherwise he would die of hunger or something. He could go outside the route but he wasn't ready for that yet. It was a wonder he had made it this far; he had quickly made it through Route 29 and was in Cherrygrove when the announcement came over the sky. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go train but Birdie felt very scared and very alone and that player count had rapidly decreased over time.

"Excuse me!" another voice yelled out to Birdie and he looked up from his feet, seeing someone walking over towards him. Another player, actually. A male avatar and a little older than Birdie was, but younger than Sophie. "Do ya' have a minute?"

"Sure," Birdie nodded. He had a more than a minute.

"Hey, well, I just accepted a quest from those Alchemists," he gestured to a house from the direction he came. 'House of the Berry Brewers', it said. Birdie had read it a few times, "and I kinda need a hand with collecting some berries and stuff. Would ya' be able to help me?"

"Yeah, no problem," Birdie gave a nod. Company would be nice, especially after a week of nothing but one sided conversations with Todo.

"Cool! Ya' better go accept the quest ya'self so ya' can get something from it too, ya'know?" the player led Birdie back to the house. Birdie had already been into the house once, just to look around and talk to people. He must have missed the quest though. Did quests come available at certain times of the day? They quickly accepted the quest for Birdie (basically to collect a certain amount of berries) and left.

"The name is Vinns500 by the way, but I guess ya' can call me Vinny," Vinny introduced himself, though it was hardly necessary. Birdie could just check in his menu screen.

"Birdie," Birdie replied, hands in his pockets, "and Todo." His Zubat squeaked from his trainer's shoulder.

"Cool, nice to meet ya', Birdie," Vinny outstretched a hand and Birdie took it, shaking it. It wasn't something that Sophie would do often. Was shaking hands a guy thing? "Let's go get some berries! I think there's a patch in the next route over." Birdie swallowed.

"The next route?" his voice shook a little. Why wasn't there some berries by the ocean or somthing.

"Yeah, it's no problems. I've been back and forth a few times. C'mon bird-boy," Vinny yanked at Birdie's arm and dragged him into the next route. He swallowed again, holding his breath as they stepped (well, as Birdie was dragged) over the imaginary line between the routes.

Well, maybe he wouldn't die just yet. He had someone with him this time.
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