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Originally Posted by Theik View Post
Every time these whole dramas pop up about "oh you stole my tilesets", I can't help but giggle. You're all stealing from Nintendo, ripping them from a game does not mean they're suddenly somehow yours.
Originally Posted by carmaniac View Post
People assuming that the tiles are always ripped makes my laugh. . There are people out there who do happen to make their own tiles, when someone steals them, they are allowed to get all worked up about it considering it was their work
Both assuming and claiming ownership of tiles isn't right because as Theik pointed out; they're from Nintendo and belong to Nintendo. May I just point out that you can't really rip tilesets from NDS games with much ease because Nintendo stopped using tilesets after Pokémon Emerald was released and started using textures instead, as of D/P/Pt and henceforth.