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    Most recent is in black2. Shiny koffing in the double grass at the complex. I had riolu and growlithe leading shiny koffing and a magnemite. I knew the magnite would most likely have sturdy so i hit it with ember and rock smash from riolu to koffing magnemite caught a burn amd fainted but i was so wrapprd up in the game plan i had to keep koffing from fainting that before i could realize what i was doing i assigned two attacks to koffing. Realizing what i had done instantly after i confirmed it. I wanted to smack myself. I have never ran into a shiny that early and never a shiny that could potentially be a team member. I also ran into a shiny elgyem which made me real mad bc they are less common tham litwicks in the tower and a shiny litwick would have been nice.
    Shoot the only shiny i ever seen in my soul silver was an onix and it was at the safari zone... bs
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