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    In one hand, we have the civil liberties issue, and a potential intrusive and imposing government always looking out for what you can do and what you can't, and punishing you for it as if they owned you, in the name of 'security'. Tyranny becomes easier when the populations are disarmed also.

    But then again, on the other hand, the government's 'parenting' approach becomes justified in a way when some of us threaten the way of life, like a child that needs to be scolded when he mis-behaves.. there's the school shooter.

    Earth is a place where there's all sorts of people, from saints to demonic.. Balanced laws are needed, but I can't help but notice that lately they haven't been in most good people's favor. The US looks like a police state right now, with all the liberty killing measures they've been taking.

    I think this is quite agreeable though:

    Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
    I also dont see why requiring a licence to have a gun is a terrible thing. You need a licence to drive, I think there could be a licnce for people to have if they want to own a gun and they could go to gun safety classes to learn about guns and how to use them safely. The licence should be renewed like a driver's licence and the person would be re- examined to prove that they are mentally sound and such.

    What people need to understand is that a gun has one purpose only: killing. If you're going to have a gun, you should be prepared to use it to kill, I think this is another thing people should be sure they understand before purchasing a gun, even for protection, because proetction means obviously that you may have to shoot to protect yourself.I dont think these things are that unreasonable, under these conditions, people could still own firearms, but it won't be quite as easy for them to fall in the wrong hands.
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