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<<BiRDiE>> // Route 30
Route 30 was just as Sophie remembered it, but it didn't stop Birdie from being extremely nervous and a little jumpy at everything that moved. They hadn't gotten to the long grass but it was only a matter of time. Vinny was taking his time searching for these berries, but if Sophie's Pokémon knowledge was correct, there was a small house between Cherrygrove and Mr. Pokémon's House that had a Berry tree growing there. Birdie kept his mouth shut though because Vinny seemed to think he knew what he was doing.

"There's nothing here!" Vinny groaned after searching the entire edge of one side, not looking bothered to check the other. "Let's move on to the next part, alright?"

"The next part?" Birdie made a face. Through the grass was probably what Vinny meant but there was always a small chance he meant... backwards?

"Yeah, c'mon bird-boy," he grabbed Birdie's arm (again) and dragged him further into the route and towards the tall grass. As much as he really didn't want to, Birdie allowed himself to be dragged. Besides, Vinny said he had been back and forth between this Route and Cherrygrove before. They could rely on eachother, right? Vinny wouldn't just leave Birdie here, right? A small squeak from his shoulder said that Todo had his back too. Yeah... so maybe this wasn't so bad.

Birdie's first step into grass was...n't so bad. The second step was just okay as well. And the third, fourth and the fifth. But the sixth step sent Birdie face first into the grass, his foot catching on something solid. When he lifted his head and looked behind him, a small and angry green bug stared back at him. Todo (who had surprisingly latched on during the fall and wasn't hurt at all) left Birdie's shoulder to look at the bug dead on, squeaking angrily.

"Ya' right?" Vinny offered a hand to Birdie, which he graciously took to help himself up. "Look, a Caterpie!"

And indeed, it was a Caterpie. A rather angry looking one which didn't like being stepped on. Birdie started to apologise to it when it launched a mouthful of string at his face. Well, at least he knew it wasn't a very polite Caterpie.

"Just battle it, it's only small fry," Vinny said a little impatiently. Right, they had to go find those berries. But how were you supposed to battle?

"How?" Birdie managed to finally pull the string off his face, only to see Vinny with a really tired expression. Oh, right, battling had to be exactly like in the games right? He brought up his menu, looked at his current Pokémon and saw the moveset. So... Leech Life, Supersonic and Bite? That seemed easy enough to set up a small strategy. Confuse it then Bite. Simple, right? "Okay Todo, use Supersonic."

The Zubat let out a high pitched squeal at Caterpie and Birdie could see the actual sound waves, just like in the game! It was... a dream come true really. But as much as Birdie just wanted to look, he had to actually do this battle. The Caterpie looked quite dazed and instead of attacking, kind of spun around and fell onto the ground.

"See, not so hard?" Vinny gave a chuckle. He was right, of course. It was just like the game.

"Bite, Todo!" Todo flew forward and practically bit the Caterpie's face off. The Caterpie, still confused, launched a String Shot upwards, which somehow coiled around itself. It was like it was defeating itself for Todo. After another command to Bite from Birdie, Todo ended the battle, the Caterpie closing its 'eyes' and disappearing into a mass of pixels.

"See?" Vinny slapped Birdie's shoulder. "Not so hard, ain't it?"

"Yeah," Birdie nodded and smiled, letting Todo perch back on his shoulder. Not so bad. Maybe he would make it after all. Vinny gave Birdie one more pat on the shoulder and led the way, not having to drag him this time. The house wasn't that far off in the distance and Birdie pointed at it when it came into view. "What about there?"

"Of course!" Vinny clapped his hands together and pointed at Birdie. "How could I forget? Geez, ya' a genius, bird-boy."

The tree next to the house was very easy to spot and Vinny rushed for it, celebrating by throwing his hands in the air and making loud noises. Indeed, it was very easy to see that the berries they had been looking for were right here. Vinny quicky picked some, handed half to Birdie and basically skipped back in the other direction.

"Wait," Birdie said, looking behind him at the path that went behind the house and towards what he thought would be Violet City. "What about that way?"

"Mr. Pokémon lives that way. I've already done that quest so we can go that way if ya' like, I guess," Vincent shrugged. "But there's more wild Pokémon that way."

Birdie immediately rethought his original idea.

"Let's go back."

"Good idea, buddy!"

They didn't have to walk through the long grass to go back, jumping over one of those weird things (Birdie had no idea what to call them) and heading back in to Cherrygrove. The man who gave them the quest for the Berry Brewers graciously thanked them, giving them some usable, health-restoring berries and some money, as well as an offer.

"You seem quite skilled at fetching berries. Would you like to become an Alchemist yourself?" the man said, beaming brightly.

"Yes please!" Vinny said. Birdie nodded, also agreeing. What was an Alchemist anyway?

"Good! Here, take these other berries," the NPC handed them a few more berries to their already overflowing hands. "You can use them to create potions and healing items! I will give you the first recipe for a basic potion, but you have to figure out the rest for yourself!"

"Thanks!!" As soon as the NPC had finished talking, Vinny shoved his berries into his bag and left the building. Birdie did the same and followed him out.

"What now?" Birdie said, feeling a little better about everything that was going on. So, he was an Alchemist now. And he had beaten a Pokémon. Things seemed a little better.

"Well, I'm gonna head back to Route 29, do a bit of Pokémon catching before I head to Violet City. What about ya'?"

"I think I need to heal my Zubat."

"Well, cool!" Vinny slapped Birdie's shoulder and smiled brightly at him. "Thanks for ya' company, bird-boy. I'll be seeing ya' around, alright? Don't go and disappear on me!" And with a quick wave, Vinny had already jogged off towards the route behind them. Birdie smiled back, waving. Yeah, he felt way better about everything now. Maybe he had a fighting chance to survive.

"Hm?" a message popped up on his menu and Birdie opened it automatically.
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