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Ultimate Fighting Monotype Challenge FireRed Update #2 (FINAL)

-Got the PokeFlute, beat up a Snorlax, got the Super Rod
-Went back to Cerulean then to Route 25 where we fished up Davos the Poliwag
-Davos evolved into a Poliwhirl on the Cycling Path. Immediately gave him a Water Stone to evolve him completely into a Poliwrath and taught him Brick Break
-Got to Fuschia, did the Safari Zone, got Surf, taught it to Davos
-Trained up in Silph Co., after which I taught Davos Bulk Up and made Eddard a SubPuncher
-Bought enough coins to get Davos the TM for Ice Beam
-Koga was actually pretty tough, mostly because that Muk is a pain in the butt
-Eddard SubPunched most of his way through the Sabrina fight, with Everest coming in to help at the end
-VBA Link evolved Everest into a Machamp
-Davos washed away Blaine with no issue
-Did Sidequest Island for the experience
-Davos washed away Giovanni even easier. Taught Eddard Earthquake
-Grinded everyone to around Lv. 52, went through Victory Road, then took on the E4

-Lorelei wasn’t hard, but she was annoying, with both Slowbro and Jynx putting everyone to sleep
-The whole team helped take out Bruno
-“ “ “ “ “ “ Agatha
-Lance didn’t go too badly. Davos did most of the work
-Muggs’ Alakazam can go suck my butt. Took too many items to get through.



Snowball the Primeape ♀, Lv. 53
Ability: Vital Spirit
-Aerial Ace
-Cross Chop

Everest the Machamp ♂, Lv. 54 @ Leftovers
Ability: Guts
-Rock Slide

Eddard the Hitmonchan ♂, Lv. 56 @ Leftovers
Ability: Keen Eye
-Focus Punch
-Sky Uppercut

Davos the Poliwrath ♂, Lv. 56
Ability: Water Absorb
-Bulk Up
-Ice Beam
-Brick Break

HM Slaves:
CH'DING the Farfetch'd: Cut, Fly
Pikachu: Flash, Strength, Rock Smash