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    (OOC- Was busy with christmas stuff the last few days, so was unable to post)

    "Van! Van!".. A cheerful noise came from the back. Jupiter turned around and came into eye contact with the happy Vanillite.

    "Van!", the fresh snow pokemon let out another noise.

    "Vanillite.. ", he scanned it with his Pokédex, "You seem to be quite eager to play, huh?

    "Van! Vanili!", the pokemon nodded in approval.

    "Ok.. Your playmate is.. Seedot!", the bright red flash blinded the Vanillite and Jupiter.

    The acorn pokemon materialised but stayed still, as if it was berry. Jupiter understood the trick and said, "Oops.. I mean your playmate is Aquaseas."

    The Vanillite came forward and sniffed the Seedot, thinking him to be a berry.

    "SEEEE!!!", suddenly Seedot hit the unsuspecting Vanillite. It rolled on the ground quite a distance from the hit.

    Vanillite recovered fast and its bright eyes grew a deep blue sparkle. . .

    The area around them suddenly turned cold as if it was minus temperature. Snowfall intensified and suddenly a blast of wind came towards Seedot.

    "Icy wind! Quick Seedot, use Bide!"

    Seedot stood strong against the blow. Another blow came followed by an even stronger Icy wind.

    Seedot was barely standing after the super effective blows, clinging on to its last bits of strength, all the while charging up for the counter attack.

    "Yeah.. Now show the Vanillite who's the boss here!"

    Seedot grew a yellow aura around it and darted towards Vanillite, dodging all incoming blasts. . .

    Sensing imminent danger, the Vanillite hardened its ice body as the Seedot slammed on it with double the power of the icy winds inflicted on it. . . . .

    BAMMMM! The Vanillite flew several meters away, fell on the ground with a thump. The last moment harden has prevented its fainting. Seedot's power was impressive but self damaging, as it took quite an amount of recoil damage. It lay defeated, seeing stars.

    "You're mine!", as the pokeball enclosed the Vanillite inside it.
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