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    Name: Drayden Reaper
    Age: 62

    Appearance: Roughly 5'10 to 6'0, his once young, athletic build now a bit thin and frail, Drayden Reaper is an older man, his appearance is evident of that. His rugged face from many years of battling and adventures is covered by an aged beard stretching from his ears and extending just a bit under his chin. Once black, now unsaturated with accents of gray, it compliments his thinning hair combed backwards, long enough to cover the middle of his neck. His skin is now aged and cracked from days without proper nutrition. His lips are chapped, his sharp cheekbones and nose creates somewhat of an arrow shape under his gray eyes, dark but wise. Thick eyebrows rest tireledly over his once passionate eyes. Hints of once happy days are the few wrinkles on his forehead, the corner of his mouth, and under his eyes. He wears the same faded brown trench coat everywear over layers of tattered shirts and sweaters, only removing them during the summer or in hot regions. His black pants are ripped and worn, splashed with mud at the bottom. His worn, black boots are brown from mud and dirt. He wears a leather belt that he built himself to hold his Poke'balls and a pocket for his red journal that he still uses.

    Personality: Drayden, also known as "Dray" by friends or "The Reaper" by enemies, is a very solitary man. Because of his situations growing up, he never had time for a lot of friends and only made few companions throughout his journeys. He used to be very spirited and eager of new adventures, but his old age has taken its toll on him, physically and emotionally. Now he spends time writing, recording his memories, or what he can recollect. Despite his hermit-like lifestyle, he loves people and he especially loves Pokemon. Drayden often enjoys talking about his past experiences, especially to younger trainers. When he's not writing or entertaining people with his stories, Drayden likes to keep his elder Pokemon training, believing that no Pokemon could ever reach its peak level and there is always room for improvement. After years of making mistakes, getting into trouble, Drayden has become very wise. This leads him to be calm and cool-tempered, thinking his way through problems and somewhat philosophical; questioning things and thinking past the surface.

    History and motives for entering: Drayden Reaper was born in Pallet Town to a very poor couple: Samuel and Maria Reaper. His dad was an alcoholic, often abandoning his family to go to the small bar in Viridian City, and was an avid gambler. He once made a bad deal with the head of Team Rocket and was executed, leaving just Drayden and his single mother. They lived in a shack built a few yards off of Route 1, as they couldn't even afford to pay the taxes to live in Pallet Town. Drayden, however, associated with kids from Pallet Town as well as Viridian City.

    At the age of 7 he began venturing off on his own to the nearby towns and that is when he met Oak who introduced him to everything about Pokemon. Drayden always knew what Pokemon were, as he grew up in the Wild, but never knew what they were capable of. Drayden and Oak, who was a bit older and already started his Pokemon journey, became good friends, and Oak promised to Drayden that when he turned 10, he would help him get his first Pokemon. When that day finally came, on his 10th birthday, Drayden visited Oak at his father's lab. Oak and his father were happy to help Drayden, they asked him what Pokemon has he seen that fascinated him the most. His answer was Dratini; he had seen one when him and Oak sneaked across the bridge to Fushsia City and into the Safari Zone. Oak knew that would be his choice, as he seen the passion in Drayden's eyes as the little Dragon Pokemon showed itself to them that one day. And with a few strings pulled by Oak's father, Drayden received a baby Dratini that day. He also received a bright red journal and pen to record all the Pokemon he would see on his journeys.

    His journeys took him all over the world, visiting various regions, going through towns and defeating all the gym leaders. He rarely had money and couldn't afford to give his Pokemon proper health care at a Pokemon Center. However, this allowed his Pokemon become stronger as they adapted to taking heavy damage; their endurance increased and became exceptionally powerful. He never could afford Pokeballs, and Dratini, whom he nicknamed "Drake," was his only Pokemon until he traveled to Azalea Town and met a young man named Kurt whom learned to craft Pokeballs from his father and taught Drayden. After learning the skill, he set out to capture any Pokemon he could. To this day, Drayden has captured and recorded 324 Pokemon from all over the world. Most of them are stored at his old friend Prof. Oak's lab.

    After years of living in poverty by his choice; his only passion was capturing and training Pokemon, Drayden realized he was growing old and couldn't keep going on long, tiring journeys, however, he couldn't afford to settle down anywhere. He heard news of The Ultima Cup and the prize of 2.5 million dollars. He couldn't afford to enter into other League's as there was often an entry fee, but decided this would be his chance.

    Current Team:
    Drake: Dragonite--Male--Multiscale--Dragon Rush, Outrage, Hyper Beam, Dragon Dance
    History: Drake was given to Drayden as a baby Dratini by Oak and his dad. It was his first and only Pokemon until Drayden turned 15. It evolved quickly to a Dragonite through so many battles and living through harsh conditions.

    Lila:Meganium--Female--xx-Solarbeam, Aroma Therapy, Petal Dance, Magical Leaf
    History: Lila was the first Pokemon Drayden captured on his own. It was the leader of a group of Chikorita and Bayleef he came across in the Ilex Forest after learning how to craft Poke'balls from Kurt in Azalea Town. It was already very powerful, but Drake, already a Dragonair, was able to defeat the Pokemon, and the Meganium accepted Drayden as a worthy trainer.

    Silver:Charizard--Male--Blast Burn--Flare Blitz, Inferno, Flamethrower, Slash
    History: After a few years of exploring the Johto region, returning to the Kanto region, and capturing many Pokemon in between, Drayden, now 22 years old, along with Prof. Oak and his group of researchers, went to Johto on an exploration to find a valley known to be filled with Charizard. Here, as Prof. Oak examined the powerful fire Pokemon, Drayden found himself inside one of the beast's lair and stumbled upon Team Rocket up to no good. They were antagonizing an elder Charizard whom was protecting an egg. Before Drayden could step in, the Charizard was restrained by an electrical net and stabbed in the heart; its fire on its tail burned brighter and brighter until the flame engulfed the Charizard and turned it to ash. Drayden and his team defeated Team Rocket and took the egg for safe keeping. It eventually hatched into an albino Charmander whom Drayden named Silver. Drayden decided to keep Silver as apart of his party and it eventually evolved into Charmeleon, then into Charizard.

    Bladecyther--Male--Steadfast--Swords Dance, Air Slash, X-Scissor, Slash
    History: While in Kanto for his 26th birthday, Drayden was ambushed by a pack of Scythers. Him and his team managed to fight off the Scyther and he even captured one. Blade was very disobedient towards Drayden, despite his experience as a trainer. However, Blade became one of Drayden's favorite Pokemon. On a venture through Team Rocket territory, Drayden and Blade had a Team Rocket administrator pinned down. Drayden ordered Blade to let the member go, but being stubborn and rash, decapitated the Administrator. Fleeing Team Rocket members told the story and Drayden was infamously nicknamed "The Reaper" by his enemies. Despite the unfortunate fatality, Drayden still kept Blade in his party, and after some years, the Scyther began to grow on him.

    Lucy:Gallade--Male--Steadfast--Psycho Cut, Teleport, Double Team, Close Combat
    History: Close to 40 years old, Drayden was exploring the Hoenn region. Ralts was one of the Pokemon he captured. Drayden trains every single Pokemon he captures, and Ralts wasn't an exclusion. While training in Mt. Chimney, Drayden and, his newly evolved Kirlia (whom he named Lucy as he thought it was a female) came across a strange glowing rock. Kirlia began to glow and evolved into Gallade, a Pokemon Drayden had never seen before. He traveled back to Kanto with a sample of the rock to talk to Prof. Oak about it. Gallade was a new Pokemon to those regions; it was rarely found in Sinnoh if anywhere. This inspired Drayden to travel to the Sinnoh region.

    Empress:Empoleon--Female--Torrent--Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Metal Claw, Drill Peck
    History: After discovering Gallade in the Hoenn region and inspired to travel to the Sinnoh region, Drayden first landed in Sandgem Town where he immediately befriended Prof. Rowan whom also was a friend of Prof. Oak. Rowan was amazed with Drayden's vast journeys and large database of Pokemon. He gifted Drayden a Piplup. Piplup stayed in Drayden's party and eventually evolved into Empoleon.

    I think all of you young trainers are gonna have a hard time on your hands.
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