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Fel - ???

All was black, yet everything that had been before no longer existed. The posters were gone, as was Kion's cooling fan and the aroma of recently baked apple pie. Now, there was no apple pie, there was no ceiling fan, and there was no Kion Fenela; there was only darkness.

The sound eventually returned to the new player's ears, as did his senses of smell, taste, and touch. As for sight, it was oddly absent from his repertoire. This player's name was Fel, and he had just entered Monster Art Online for the first time. He was unsure as to what ailed him. He moved his head, and everything seemed to work fine. He tried to move his hands, as well as his feet...but oddly, they wouldn't respond as he wanted them to. It seemed that they were bound by something. He panicked for a moment, but was staunched when he felt a strange fascination on the back of his head. After a few moments, something fell from his face, a cloth or a bandage, and he was able to see. His vision was blurred, however; he wasn't used to the irregular brightness of the room.

Fel looked to his left and he noticed that there was someone else sitting in a chair, as he was, also in the same situation as he was. To his right, there were two others, also in the same condition. He wasn't sure of exactly what was going on, where he was, or why he started there. He had little time to consider what was going on, as a rather large man clad in a tuxedo of a black and white color scheme took to the front. He looked rather large- or bulky, rather, like someone who could break a boulder with his bare hands. Still, his mustache and greased hair made him seem pleasant and cool, yet still intimidating, like a stereotypical Super Spy from an 60s or 70s movie.

The man snapped his fingers and the brightness of the lights dimmed to a tolerable level. He put his hand to his mouth and cleared his throat, then taking a formal position and returning his hands to his back. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Do not worry and do not panic, you are not in danger and you will not be harmed. You are safe here." The man's abstinence from using contractions made him seem more mechanical and less trustworthy to Fel. "You all have been brought here because in you we see potential."

Before the man could continue, a female in one of the neighboring chairs, around the age of fifteen or so, broke in with a desperate voice filled with anxiety. "I-is this Team Rocket? Are you forcing us to do your dirty work?"

At this, the man laughed a transparent laugh and responded, "Nonsense. Since the disappearance of Giovanni, that foolhardy organization has struggled to stay afloat. No, we take pride in what we do; being compared to those low-life criminals is an insult."

Another of the captives cried out, "Then why are we tied to these chairs? Are we being punished?"

He turned to the young man and said, "Heavens, no. You are all being recruited, but not to an organization like Team Rocket. No, we have good intentions for the region of Johto. However, we cannot inform you as to what those intentions are at the moment, nor will we force you to help us in our goal." The man scanned over the new players in front of him. "Allow me to introduce myself; I am Martis. I will be the one giving you your orders. Ta-ta." The man waved as everything went dark again.

It was quite an abrupt exit, and a heck of an opening quest. Well, that's what Fel thought, anyway, but when he came to he already had his Blitzle. Even more strange, he woke up on Route 29. He started asking around and found out that it had already been three days since the game was released and that, normally, a player starts out in New Bark Town. If that wasn't enough, he learned that he was stuck in the game, and that there was no way out. All of this had his brain on overload, as he didn't remember any of it. He decided to learn more about what was going on, and went back to New Bark Town to accept the opening quest from Professor Elm, but upon inquiring about the quest, Elm told Fel that he had already finished the quest. Fel was puzzled, as he didn't know anything about it. He was very, very lost and confused.

A day later, Fel noticed a strange item in his inventory. Well, it wasn't so much that the item itself was strange is its existence was. It was a letter, one with no sender. It was in a rather extravagant envelope, so Fel had a good idea who it was from. He opened the envelope, careful not to rip it, and started reading.

Greetings Dear Recruit,
You may be wondering about all that has happened in the time before you came into our presence, and that is to be expected. Something seems to have put many people in a frenzy; we have been hearing something about people being "locked in this world" and being unable to get out. Aren't we all? (Pardon my breaking of character) Anyway, this letter is here to reassure you. You have lost any recent memory you may have had, but this is normal. Well, as normal as a situation such as this could possibly be.

I'm sure you want to know exactly who we are. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that at present. No, before I can do that you must present your resolve. Show us that you can make the commitment to us. Now, this may be difficult, as you have no knowledge of who we are or what we do? That is to be expected, we have not given you any reason to help us, and more, you have no reason to trust us. Therefore, we shall give you your first assignment. You are to rendezvous with the other recruits in Cherrygrove City by the shore four days from now. That is all.
A letter that explained everything, and at the same time, presented more questions. This did put an end to Fel's wild goose chase, but it raised a rather large question that he couldn't shake: was the organization Player Controlled, or was this all a quest? It seemed so...calculated, and yet, Martis seemed to know nothing of the many people that recently began to populate Jhoto as being players in a game. Or rather, he decided to jump around it to make it seem that way. He considered being trapped in MAO to be an analogy, joking as he was.

Still, Fel was interested nonetheless. He had no reason not to meet up with the others, and that's exactly what he decided to do. For the next couple of days, Fel decided to train Hama, his Blitzle, and learn more about the events of the first three days in detail. As he learned more and more of the first three days, he started to remember the events taking place from his own perspective, until finally, he was able to completely remember everything from the moment he put on the Nervegear device until now...except for one thing. He did not remember the moment where he was taken to the room and bound to the chair. He didn't remember being attacked, and he didn't remember what happen around the time that he was taken there. However, it wasn't very important.

On the seventh day, he decided to make for Cherrygrove and wait for the others. He didn't exactly know who or what to expect, but he decided to let his interest take control and he would find out when he got there.
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