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    I have stopped seeing Pokemon as soon as the second starters were introduced (Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile) and the reason for that was because I found them very "childish" if compared to the original starters of Kanto. I never took interest in the anime ever since but I did play all the games and keept myself informed by friends. It was recently that I watched an episode after many years, and I was very surprised. Firstly, the image. It is light years ahead of what I used to watch and I liked that. Secondly, Ash didn't change at all. He continues to be a horrible trainer that relies mostly in luck and "believing in the true power of his friends/pokemon" and incredibly he hasn't aged or matured at all. Thirdly, his pokemon seem to have gotten weaker. Pikachu which should be arround level 100 million by now (after all, it has been 5 seasons) lost to his rival which hasn't ever battled and was using a starter which according to the games is a level 5. Ok, ok... Pikachu couldn't use his electric attacks because of a strange legendary pokemon, but yet... iron tail should be enough to defeat a level 5 belonging to a trainer who never battled!! Fourthly, his old friends are no longer with him. Why? I heard that every season he got a new girl, but what happened to the four before Iris, and what happened to Brock? This is the first time a new guy shows up and Ash and Brock were best friends(?). Fifthly, (this one is good) Team Rocket is amazing!! They finally look professional, strong, prepared, intelligent, "cold"... Team Rocket finally looks like a real organisation and they are no longer those weak people that randomly appeared to steal Pikachu (which isn't even rare and apparently is extremely weak) and were always defeated the same way (in my opinion they were kind of a comedy to the end of every episode). Sixthly, (and lastly(thanks god!)) back in my days Ash kind of had a chance of becoming a pokemon master since there were only 150 (or 151?) but now with the 1000 there is (I have no idea of the original number, but I know its much more than before) he got no chance!! Even in the games it's impossible unless you have all of them, and Ash got around 30 pokemon? No legendary and incredibly only a few of the last evolution... If anyone wants to comment feel free. This is my first post here and I really know nothing about this season or the ones before (apart from the first one which I watched all episodes several times) Thanks for reading all this and please correct me if I am wrong.
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