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    If a new Gen is indeed coming in 2013, then I still expect an announcement in January like they did with Gen V in January 2010. So even if the January 8 announcement isnt it, I'm still expecting them to announce it sometime later in the month.

    I can see what you are saying about them just showing a longer sneek peek of the upcoming anime arc, but think about it - why would they put that on a Tuesday when there is no related Pokemon shows that day? You would think they would show that on Smash, or on Thursday after the Pokemon episode airs. Tuesday wouldn't really make sense, which makes me think its not anime related at all.

    As for Masuda/Morimoto appearing on Smash, apparently its just for a B2W2 tournament. Masuda has appeared before for these kind of things. However, I feel almost certain that Smash will foreshadow the announcement for January 8th.

    They didn't really give us much to go off of in regards to the announcement, just that something will be announced on January 8th so we will surely have to get more details on the announcement soon such as a time etc, so Im sure Smash will foreshadow it. If it's going to be a game announcement, it would make sense for Masuda/Morimoto to foreshadow it at the end of the episode.

    Im pretty certain Gen VI is next at this point, I just really do hope the remakes will come after it.