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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Hi this is related to fashion and I had a question and wanted advice!!

    I just bought a pleated skirt (the black one on this page) and some cable-knit tights (these) to go with them. But I'm not sure what kind of top I can pair it with, or if I should be looking now for something to buy to go with it haha. I was considering looking into either a fully button-down blouse or something turtleneck in white...? Really not sure though.
    I'm envisioning myself wearing like a cute white collared button down with it, tucked in or not, maybe even half tucked in, and maybe a small 90's jean vest or something like this and brown leather jacket over it (see if you can get your hands on this Alexander McQueen one *_* am thinking more this, though). The oatmeal color just adds more to the pallet. I'd wear grey legwarmers over the tights and probably these boots. I don't know how you feel about that, just a winter-y idea. If you're going for something more formal, you could probably find a lovely silk cardigan button down somewhere, with a rounded collar or something and some kind of cute long necklace with megabeads to match. I understand white and "oatmeal," whatever that means, are hard to see together, though, it just depends on your taste...I see it as an addition to the pallet rather than just another shade of white. Maybe a bold turquoise button down would be more your style. Anyway, don't think you can go wrong with a button down as long as you have something to go over it, like a jacket or cardigan. Ooh, consider scarves too.
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