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    application for a CLOUD user
    FULL NAME: Kaitlyn Vera Victon
    DATE OF BIRTH: 02/04/92
    CITY & COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: Okanagan Valley, Canada
    APPEARANCE: Messy locks of lush brunette hair frame Kaitlyn's fair-skinned face, kept clean and hygienic, but not particularly prim or proper; a fitting description of her entire look. It isn't particularly difficult to style, but she chooses not to out of apathy for fashion and glamor, but she maintains its health diligently.

    For the lack of make-up, most would describe Kaitlyn as pretty but plain. Her nose is small and slightly upturned, sitting above a pair of lips that are neither plump or skinny, but that hide a set of perfect, pearly teeth. A slight chin with non-distinct cheekbones form an oval face, besides which a pair of slightly mousey ears sit unmarked by piercings.

    The remainder of Kaitlyn's body is hidden behind her clothing, with a bosom that would otherwise get attention kept under chestwraps to avoid unwanted attention. This leaves her with a fairly unremarkable body, kept healthy with nutritious meals and regular exercise, but without enough dedication to build musculature or curves.

    Kaitlyn's clothes always consist of something practical to wear, that lets her feel comfortable in most activities and neither too hot or cold for the day ahead. Very few colors decorate her outfits, with only her glasses and a purse as her accessories for day-to-day life on the farm.

    Image of Kaitlyn.
    USERNAME: Kemono Vera
    GUILD: None
    ACCOLADES & ACHIEVEMENTS: Kemono Vera is one of the oldest players of CLOUD, having joined up since it started and adventuring in its world since its creation.

    KemonoVera has one of the highest solo kill counts in the game, because of her shirking guilds.

    DAEMON APPEARANCE: Kemono Vera is a lithe and short Daemon, barely standing up to five feet within the game's engine, with speed to more than make up for it. The most people see of her is a swishing black fox tail or a pair of iridescent yellow eyes in the Wilderness, before she sprints off to the next dungeon.

    Her face is a slightly more idealized version of Kaitlyn's own, with slightly higher cheekbones and longer eyelashes, along with thicker and more lustrous hair that bounces wildly with each step. Her yellow eyes and pair of large fox ears are the most distinctive differences, however, and a distinct mutation made only a few years after Kaitlyn first joined CLOUD.

    Rather than obscenely audacious robes or armor that glimmers like Seraphim wings, Kemono Vera has used the game's crafting system to create a simple outfit of black tights, with matching soft boots, a baggy top, and handwraps. Her distinctive piece of color is the bright blue scarf wrapped around her neck.

    Image of Kemono Vera

    ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: The pluck of guitar strings and beats of a pounding drum resounded through Kaitlyn's mind to induce a glorious reverie through which she could scarcely feel the passing of time. With headphones clenching tightly to her skull, an iPod tucked into the vest of her jacket, and her palm on the mouse with a ridiculous amount of buttons, she was dressed and ready to go out for a walk. There was something that tingled at the back of the young woman's mind, perhaps a snack or two, but they were irrelevant, as her online persona snapped the neck of yet another mini-boss.

    Kemono Vera swept up the loot in her arms and threw it into the hammerspace that constantly hovered over her, before sprinting legs carried her through the deceased dungeon and out into the chirping Wilderness, where players would hunt her if they could get a glimpse past her speed. But it was what she was built for, as each step came in tune with Kate's headphones. With no passage of time, she arrived at the Plains in barely any time at all, as she dropped the unwanted loot for newer players of CLOUD to snatch away. It was in this moment of brief inactivity that Kaitlyn's eyes drifted over to the glaring red letters of her alarm clock and spotted the time; the alarm itself having gone off three hours past.

    There was a brief twitch of Kaitlyn's eyes at the prospect of almost missing breakfast, but she'd showered and dressed before logging in just for such an occasion. With a series of clicks ingrained into her memory, Kaitlyn closed the CLOUD window and strolled down the stairs with gusto befitting somebody who clearly had been up for three hours already.

    The soft scent of spices mixed with outmeal wafted through the sturdy pine door to the family kitchen, where a table fit for a dozen sat in the center with a hand-furnished desktop for cooking lining the far wall. Though the room itself was quiet of ambient noise, the clink of warm bowls being served and fresh orange juice being poured reminded Kaitlyn of the need to remove her headphones.

    "Good morning, Kaitlyn." The rumbling voice of her uncle greeted from the head of his table, with muscles fit for carrying lumber and mending machinery instead daintily pinching the handle of a spoon, whose tip sat in the man's own cooked breakfast. He was a dab hand of a man, with a little skill in everything, and a pleasant smile that could make a suffer of depression open up. Indeed, that was something Kaitlyn discovered a few short years ago. "Dressed seriously still, eh? When'll you put those brawny fingers to work at the mill?" Uncle Donny teased the bookish young woman, as she sat between two men of the family.

    "Afraid you might break a nail all by yourself, Donny?" A slighter man asked with a raised eyebrow from Kaitlyn's other side; a pair of slate grey eyes passed down to his daughter from behind horn-rimmed glasses. The brothers' teasing was something Kaitlyn had to put up with since childhood, and was something her mother tended to bemoan with a smirk. "What do you say to taking our breakfast to go, and letting Donny paint his nails all by himself, honey?"

    "Yeah. Okay." Kaitlyn gave a brief nod, as she and her father took their meals outside the room, with a knowing look from Donny about the young woman's apparent mood drop. Stepping out to meet the morning air, it caress the scarf that hung around Kaitlyn's neck and blew the tiniest piece of heat up to her cheeks. With her cheeks slightly pink, she walked across the lush green farmland with her father, headed towards the forest where their shoes would crunch twigs and only slumbering owls could hear them talk. And, despite her progress, privacy was something Kaitlyn craved.

    "Mind if I take a look at your iPod?" Her father asked, a small crease in his otherwise youthful forehead. Kaitlyn gave a small shake of her head in response, using her wrist to balance her bowl as she handed the small device over. It took only a few touches on the screen for the man's frown to deepen, his tech savvyness having served him will in understanding his daughter's mind. "You've been thinking about her, haven't you?" He asked, the hand holding an empty bowl falling slightly limp.

    "Maybe." It was pointless to be vague about the answer, but pretending that there was something tangible helped Kaitlyn's recovery so far, and this time would be no different. She swallowed the last of her oatmeal, as her father thought through the last few steps of their walk and they came to the borders of the forest that surrounded their farm, to look out across the fields and pastures, with a river just over yonder that could serve more usefully in Summer days. She lived in a beautiful place, but the seclusion from civilization had caused all of Kaitlyn's problems. It made her resent every soil-sown seed, hand-hewn hut, and curd-creating cow that littered their land.

    There was a gentle thud, as Kaitlyn's father joined her in leaning against the cool tree trunk, where they were hidden from the sky by a canopy of leaves. "Honey," His voice was soft and sure. "How about we head to ALTO later, do some business? We can put that noodle of yours to work some more, because the work you did for the family last week was fantastic." There was silence for a moment, before the man's eyes sparkled in a moment of inspiration. "And I may have a secret about the Update everyone's been talking about..."

    The last words made Kaitlyn's ears prick up, just as they were expected to. She turned her head against the trunk, to look her father in the eye. "What is it?" She asked, her curiosity and drive for knowledge shining through her experiences with the game to light the flames of enthusiasm.

    "Well, a little birdie told me that if you login on the thirteenth, between seven in the morning and a minute after, a sneak peek of the update will be revealed." Kaitlyn's father spoke with a tone of mysticism to his voice, that he most often used when teasing another member of the family, but it served the purpose of fanning the flames of Kaitlyn's enthusiasm well enough, as she shuffled over and gave her taller father a tight hug. She muttered a thanks, but he was just happy to make his daughter smile...

    MISCELLANEOUS: Because of the farm's seclusion, Kaitlyn didn't have many friends outside the family and took to online chatrooms at the age of 10, which is where the met her first and only friend.

    They joined CLOUD together, and spent five years as pen pals, but, one day, Neko Maria stopped showing up. It was a few months before Kaitlyn gave up, falling into a depression about her gone-forever friend. With the help of the family, and a lot of pills to begin with, she regained her footing and took up the Kemonomimi theme for herself. She still struggles with the depression.