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I hate Smeargle.
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Quick update for Bug monotype
Wattson forced me to level one of my Dustox to level 30 and the other to level 25 before I was finally able to beat him. I thought I won once I defeated Magneton but then he sent out Manectric and I nearly flipped my table. Waddled over to bulbapedia, discovered that it doesn't carry Bite, and tossed Shedinja and laughed at the flailing dog going berserk trying bat at the liddle ghosty. I WANT MY ANORITH ALREADY!

Current team:
Beautifly Lv. 23
Tackle|Absorb|Morning Sun|Gust

Ninjask Lv. 23
Scratch|Screech|Fury Cutter|Sand-Attack

Dustox Lv. 26

Dustox Lv. 30

Shedinja Lv. 22
Scratch|Screech|Fury Cutter|Sand-Attack

Zigzagoon Lv. 2
Tackle|Growl|Cut|Rock Smash
Terriermon and Lopmon

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