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    Originally Posted by shadowpikachu0426 View Post
    (Wow, I never noticed this before, and since I've been here for over a year I feel stupid not posting.)

    Hello everyone!

    I'm ShadowPikachu, and since I never noticed this thread (and therefore never introduced myself), I'll throw a bunch of info out.


    Shows: Pokemon*, Acchi Kocchi*, SAO*, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Regular Show, MAD, Invader Zim, etc.

    Books: Brain Jacked, Hunger Games, I Am Number Four, etc.

    Games: Pokemon (duh), Sonic Generations, a couple other things.

    Personal info:

    Gender: Male

    Age: ***

    Other online names: Itazura_Quilava, ***_0426, etc.

    Name: Do you think I'd put this on the Interwebs?

    Soo, I have no idea what else to put on here. I make Fanfictions, attempt to hack (I can only really make maps), and other stuff!

    EDIT: Also, I've been getting into drawing Pokémon, something I've done forever, but I'm starting to consider posting.. If I had a scanner (which I do) and a fast computer (which I don't), then I would. I have done a couple sucky Pixel recoloring (coloring black/white sprites from the original Generations), which I'm thinking of uploading.
    Don't worry, I was pretty inactive myself, for the first year xD

    Those are shows I could relate with you about, I ADORE Adventure Time, it's funny and has a great storyline xD I don't really watch Pokemon all that much anymore :( Although Regular Show is weird it keeps me entertained xD

    Yeah, I tend to be secretive (somewhat) about my personal info too xD

    You should show us some of your work, I'd bet it's great. Not that many good mappers out there anymore xD can't argue for myself either xD

    Anyways, enjoy PC, have fun, bye!

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