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Fara O'Shay
Route 30
Fara closely watched the other Trainer incase he had any hesitation. It was clear to her now that he wasn't a NPC, which only helped her future schemes. She knew she had to divulge into a more detailed plan otherwise this would be a waste of a trip. The rumors that circulated was that Faulkner had a Pidgeotto and was quite a tough opponent so if she were ever going to beat him she was going to need Geodude. Apparently, if you were brave enough to risk a trip in the cave there were plenty of Geodudes to be caught. Fara couldn't help but openly grimace as she wasn't fond of that particular Pokemon but she'd use it and then release it.

"Yeah, I think so," Fara watched his movements and noticed his eyes were glued to Bandino. She couldn't let his actions jeopardy the mission at hand but she unfortunately she couldn't predict Bandino's actions. "My name is Birdie, by the way."

"Birdie, eh? That's a unusual name," Birdie lead the way and she followed him into Route 30. She wasn't going to take the chance of a wild Pokemon that wanted to white her out.

As if the game had incorporated her thoughts into actions the grass infront of Birdie rustled to life. An angry Hoothoot sprung to life and lunged at Birdie's feet, which caused him to cry out in pain. Quick to action Fara plucked Bandino off the ground and held him firmly in her grasp otherwise he would've joined in the battle. He bucked restlessly in her arms clearly wanted to battle of own Hoothoot but Fara didn't want to risk it just yet. Her eyes turned back to the battle at hand, Birdie was clearly fast on his feet and commanded Todo with some ease. The Zubat bit into the Hoothoot as it avoided a very strategical Hypnosis this battle was surely keeping Birdie on his toes and Fara too. She had yet capture another Pokemon but that would change when they reached Route 31. Distracted by her own thoughts Fara missed the entire capture scene and looked up to Birdie who was asking a question.

"Oh, sorry. Would it... could I ask we go back to heal our Pokémon please... um, sorry, what was your name, miss?"

"My name is Fara, Fara O'Shay!" Her voice came out a little more cheery than Amell meant it to but he wasn't use to a girl's voice, his normal voice didn't do that. Fara patted Birdie on the shoulder before she reversed herself toward Cherrygove City, toward the PokeCenter. "Lead the way, Boss!"

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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