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The Land of Sunshine and Oranges. Hmm. That sounds awfully familiar. And really inviting, too!

Ah don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud. Anyway, welcome aboard to this place, Leaf! It's midnight where I live, but good morning nonetheless. :D I probably started playing Pokémon at the same time as you, because my first played game was Yellow, too! Oh cool that rhymed, lmao. Plus I also started competitive battling back in DPPt! Many things we have in common, yes. Like Wind Heart recommended, the Battle Center (not the Battle Corner, haha) and Challenges are great places to check out. But I should direct you to our own Showdown server, too! It's a pretty chill place, and I think you'll like it since you're a battler. :] It's gonna be a great place to start in as a new member, too, because you'll meet a lot of new people that you can get close with! And of course, Japanese Entertainment is a good place to talk about anime. Personally I've never watched Nichijou, but if you give a few good reasons then I might. I like a lot of anime, after all. :3

Before I forget! There are two places Wind Heart hasn't recommended that you should really check out. Since you mentioned drawing as one of your hobbies, Art & Design might interest you! Same goes with writing, which Fan Fiction & Writing have plenty of. :3 I think it's really cool when people showcase their talents in forums like these, so I hope you consider showing us yours. n_n But yeah that's just what I think you should check out. It's all up to you from here on out! I wish you luck, and I hope you have lots of fun during your stay, Leaf. ;D

Aaand I must echo Cirno, too. :3 Don't be afraid to approach us for queries. :DD
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