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Jercio Shade (Jason)

By the time Jercio arrived in the second town he was in the mood to punch someone in the face. Specifically the game designers. He had gone the entire rest of the route encountering six random Pokemon. Despite the battles being very early game and extremely easy they kept Jason's mind taxed. Even if the chance of losing was very low it was always there. For the designers to have made the first route this stressful they must have enjoyed other's pain. Yohi was on very low HP, and so was Jercio's second Pokemon.

The final encounter Jercio had was with a Pidgey who refused to stop using sand attack. The only good news was that it wasn't using gust. Jercio knew he needed to get his numbers up, and made sure to catch the Pidgey. The fight had taken at least half an hour. Yohi was fighting blind by the end, and would just lunge in a random direction trying to tackle the Pidgey. Eventually Jerico felt the battle had gone on too long, and simply gave up on trying to weaken the Pidgey anymore. He found it funny that a trend he saw in all the other pokemon games was repeating itself here. no matter what he did Jercio always found the first Pokeball he used would always catch a Pokemon. He knew it wasn't in the code, but it always seemed to happen.

Like any good trainer he headed to the Pokemon center first and healed up his team. Then like any good RPG player picked up all the quests in town. The mayor apparently felt like omelets this morning because she kept asking trainers to get a delivery from Mr. Pokemon, and a number of other trainers were handing in eggs to her. Jercio skipped through most of her dialogue as he knew how to pick out the important parts of NPC text, and it wasn't hard to pick it out vocally either. He really couldn't have cared less about these NPCs. Later ones like the gym leaders and other story crucial ones probably would have a lot better AI programming and be a lot more interesting for it. The second job Jercio picked up was to gather berries for a fishermen. The guy wasn't specific about why he needed them, but once again Jercio didn't care.

Another half an hour later Jercio had finished prepping for Route Thirty. He picked up four Fresh Water from vending machines, two more Pokeballs giving him six total, and traded an Awakening to another trainer for an Antidote. Unlike going out onto Route Twenty-Nine Jercio got going immediately, and was ready to go up against wild Pokemon and maybe even a trainer or two. He kept his new Pidgey, Hurek, in front as its gust attack was able to one hit the lowest level bug types. Speaking of those, Jercio was rather excited when he came across a Spinarak about half way up the route after having only run into Ledyba. The small spider Pokemon was one of his early game favorites. He was mortified when his Pidgey almost knocked it out in one hit. He was lucky there, but that luck ran out quickly. The wild Spinarak poisoned Hurek, and it took both of Jercio's new Pokeballs to catch him. Despite being half way to Mr. Pokemon's house Jercio turned around and went back to Cherrygrove rather than using his Antidote. The walk wasn't an issue, but Jercio did hate falling behind. In a normal game by now he could have been past the first gym by now. Instead he had to spend nearly an hour hiking up the routes. Sure it did give him time to train his new Pidgey, and Caterpies and the Ledyba did make easy targets for both Yohi and Witor, the Spinarak, but that did not make up for slow the pace was right now.

Jercio arrived at Mr.Pokemon's house two and a half hours after he left New Bark Town, or about hour and a half from leaving Cherrygrove the first time. The egg Jercio picked up from the fanatic was obviously a Togepi how stereotypical. Either way Jercio rushed it back to the city the only thing delaying him was a short stop where Jercio collected some assorted berries he spotted by Mr.Pokemon's house. The way back was much faster as a lot less wild Pokemon seemed to pop up. Maybe the developers did it this way since the tiny ledges wouldn't quite work in this format. Jercio's apathy to the virtual world faded as he began to think about how they had programmed all of this. So many little details that made up this amazing place. Jercio was extremely curious to see what these guys had added to the game. After all this was the game of the century it had too have some amazing hidden content. Those thoughts filled Jason's mind all the way back to the city.

Jercio was very excited to receive a Pokegear with a radio so early. The device would help give him a connection to the things he liked in the real world. Music was always something Jason felt had influence on him. It could change his mood or help keep focused on something. He instantly turned on the device and put in the earbuds that came with it. He tuned in to a random station and the song "The Boys are Back in Town" came on. Jercio slightly nodded to the rhythm as he went to hand in his other quest. With both of them done he did feel slightly caught up, but he knew this was only the second town.
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