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    Here you go, Skymin.

    FULL NAME: Hikoru Ichi
    DATE OF BIRTH: 12/5/1992
    GENDER: Male
    CITY & COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: New York, the United States

    Hikoru has blonde hair which flows to the side a bit, but never running too far down from the top of his head. It’s just... there. He has a pretty little face with blue eyes, and a mediocre nose and mouth to go along with it. His smile is something memorable- save that memory, because some people don’t see it much. He wears a blue (zippered) hoodie, and an amulet from his father, which is yellow and brown in a 9X9 checkered pattern. It converts into a USB by pulling the bottom three squares off. He wears a belt over brown pants, and black fingerless gloves which are made out of cloth. Never leather. His black shoes cover his feet, which are approximately size 12 in mens.

    At home, Hikoru rarely receives visitors, prompting him to wear thick, green, and plaid pyjamas and a white t-shirt, along with some brown sandals and his hair just a bit more messy. If not, he’ll be wearing a pair of cargo shorts and even then the trademark white t-shirt, with his brown sandals as expected. Rarely he is seen walking barefoot or just wearing socks, because the floor is pretty darn cold on a 4th floor apartment.

    USERNAME: NightlyWind
    GUILD: AltoMeteor

    AltoMeteor isn’t exactly your average guild. Made up of astronomy buffs and dungeon explorers, for some reason AltoMeteor is an awesome mix. They tend to explore dungeons in RAIN or STORM, mostly RAIN. However, some of the higher level members (about 10%) tend to stay in STORM, and sometimes ALTO. The name of the guild is based on the name of the founder, Meteoralto, who is now mysteriously inactive, with his second in command, Skyflare X, taking over in his place.

    Alto Meteor usually meets up to see live feeds of astral events, like a meteor shower or space shuttle launches, because they love space. In fact, their motto is “We love space! And battles!” The guild is relatively small, only about 1000 members, prompting many of their members to team up with other guilds to help out.

    ACCOLADES & ACHIEVEMENTS: Wind is the highest level Daemon on AltoMeteor. Wind is known for being one of the best people to have on any dungeon sweep, being very strong and a good team leader. He helped the guild titled THE PIRATES a couple of times among other guilds (the reason being his Daemon is practically a mercenary, a “hero for hire,” as he puts it so many times), and many times is found helping a newbie. However, he’s better known as the Purple Wind, since his remarkably great speed has helped many players out of tight squeezes, without them even learning his name. But even then, the more common people don’t know too much about him.

    He’s explored one of the deepest dungeons ever recorded, about 1496 floors deep with some people from Alto Meteor. At the bottom, there was a treasure chest with valuable and rare Plasma Items. While the others took a chestplate and plasma pants, and other stuff Wind couldn’t use, Wind took the Plasma Blade, Plasma Wings, and Plasma Gun (which was gained in a PvP match with someone else who wanted it) and thus he gained the appearance of a “Purple Wind.”


    In plain, Hikoru’s Daemon (NightlyWind, also known as just Wind or the Purple Wind) is a human. Why not? Well, he’s not just your average human. Wearing a red helmet with a spike at each end with a green visor in the middle, all that is seen is his nose and his mouth, and occasionally a blue eye or two if the light shines into it. A green Plasma Blade (adorned with a blue hilt) rests at his side, held there by a strap specifically made to hold this kind of sword. On top of himself he wears red armor, with a silver chest-plate, and on his legs the same thing, just all shiny red with black metallic shoes to go along with it. All of his armor is metallic in nature, except for his Plasma Wings, made solely for flying. Crazy maneuvers are fine, but Wind can’t slice someone’s body in half by using his wings alone. Usually, the wings barely affect anyone. Wind's Plasma Gun is hidden in his pocket for emergencies or for long ranged attacks.


    Hikoru sat on the chair, stiff and impatient to get back to using his Daemon. He was planning to go to STORM, but college came first... he guessed. He scribbled on his notepad furiously, as others used their laptops and electronic devices. He wished he could have one of his own, but his pride and joy was the PC that sat at the apartment, always running CLOUD and the more important part of his life. He sighed as he listened to the professor talk endlessly about history. He wanted to participate in Game Design, not stupid Archaeology!

    The class ended, thankfully the last class of the day. Hikoru sat on the 1 Train, almost missing the stop as he thought about the state of AltoMeteor, that stupid Skyflare X ruling it like a tyrant. Whatever. He was a mercenary anyway, a hero for hire. Jogging up the stairs, he grasped the handrail, as it was properly named, and then began another trip up an escalator. He didn’t belong to a guild... even though he did. He sighed. The stairs, the vast emptiness of space, it was beautiful. Worth it, totally. Perhaps someday he could make an add on to CLOUD where he could traverse space.

    Gamestop was empty that day, and Hikoru sat down, booting the laptop and accessing ALTO, informing his boss he was at work, and then returning to CIRRUS to find his guild.

    Hello NightlyWind! The leader of your guild, Skyflare X, would like to speak with you.


    “Where the heck have you been, Wind?!” Skyflare X, the tyrant of AltoMeteor, pretended to be agitated.

    “I’ve been getting something called an education. Do you happen to know what that is?”

    “My d-d-days are better spent on CLOUD!” Skyflare spluttered.

    “Whatever. I’m at work. Chill. What happened anyway?” Hikoru knew something had happened if
    Skyflare started the way he did.

    “I need you to solve a dispute while I do... more important matters.”

    “You mean gambling?!” My god, Hikoru thought, I would make a better leader then

    “Ye- I mean, no. Just something on ALTO.”

    “Right. Who are these two, anyway?”

    “Chroma and Yuki. They’re fighting over... whether they should go to RAIN or to STORM, and it got so intense they’re battling it out on PvP.” ChromaIsla and Yukio. Nice. That was going to be a battle to watch.

    “Righhhttt... I’ll handle it.” Of course, Chroma and Yuki were such polar opposites they would go PvP on each other to handle something. Well, they shared the fact that they were both willing to go to such lengths to do so.

    In the stands of the ACID arena, Wind sat and watched the battle, noting flaws. He wasn’t going to split them up- that was Skyflare’s job. Idiot. Post-battle, after seeing Chroma win, Wind went down to congratulate the winner and speak to the loser. But that wasn’t exactly what happened. He met up with Chroma and Yukio, but a dispute had already started once again.

    “Great job, Chroma!” Wind began. “And you did well, Yukio.”

    “I woulda done a heck of a lot better with one of those rumored anniversary items...” Yukio muttered.

    “What anniversary items?” Chroma asked. Her Daemon put it’s hands at it’s hips, staring intently.

    “Well the rumor is that they’ll come at the tenth anniversary...,” Wind claimed.

    “In fact, there should be an announcement about it later. Like, in 3 hours.” Yukio stated. “A pre-announcement.”

    “Okay. If you say so...”

    “In this very arena.”

    “Wait! This one?” Wind looked suprised.

    “A sports one... I think. They say if you log in from 00:00 to 00:01, Japan time, you’ll already be where you need to be, and then there will be an announcement.”

    “Alright, bring it! I’ll be there, for sure!” Wind yelled, pumping his fist in the air, then resuming his more confined stance. “Now... I wonder if Skyflare heard about this...”

    Rest assured, Skyflare heard. Or maybe he was too busy playing poker to know he did.

    1. The amulet Hikoru has is from his father, who went missing a few years ago. His father loved space, and worked for CLOUD.
    2. Hikoru is a frequent player.
    3. The amulet has a USB drive in it. The contents are not accessible at the moment though, strangely.
    4. When looking for a new leader for AltoMeteor, Skyflare X fought some possible candidates in the ACID arena and bribed the rest- except for Wind. Mostly because he was scared, but also because Wind had stated that he wasn’t going to participate.
    5. Hikoru lives with a dog in an apartment on 157th Street, Building 600. It is paid for by his mother, who is rich due to his father, a scientist. The dog’s name is Kiko.
    6. Hikoru does approve of gambling to an extent, but not drinking or smoking.
    7. The "Alto" in AltoMeteor does not refer, or is associated with, the downtown of Cloud referred to as ALTO.
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