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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    I like Persona! I heard the other Shin Megami games were impossible though. I tried to play the one that was remade on the 3DS I forget the name but my boyfriend accidentally deleted my save so I lost motivation :(

    The MMO was fun too!
    Haha, Persona is pretty easy though. But since you played a SMT game you should know how things work. I beat Persona 4 twice and thought Nocturne on normal was a breeze after the first few bosses. Screw Labyrinth of Amala though! If you want to keep your sanity don't go there, since it's optional, and the ending isn't worth fighting the three hardest bosses in the game. (I gave up after beating Beelzebub.) I think the game is superior to Persona in nearly every way except story and characters. Persona 3 has the best cast in a JRPG imo.

    Most people who thought the game was impossible were first timers to the series.

    Also the game you played, Devil Summoner: Overclocked, is an SRPG very different from the usual SMT games. Give Nocturne a try, it's really cheap!
    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Because fans like those could potentially force the developers to give up for giving them too much pressure to create a Zelda game that's the same rank as Ocarina of Time. If you're talking about the reviews that gave the lowest scores to Skyward Sword for those complaints, it was confirmed that they were playing the game wrong.
    Ocarina of Time is widely regarded as one of the best games of all time, it's not just the fans. It's normal for developers to try and surpass the game most consider their best. And honestly, feedback is a good thing. Mario Galaxy knocked Sunshine out (and I love Sunshine), Donkey Kong Country Returns sticked with being a hard precise platformer and New Super Mario Bros U I actually bothered to play because it's so gorgeous compared to how bland the Wii game feels. All of those are from fan feedback.

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