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Originally Posted by MichaelSK16 View Post
1. What section/board are you most interested in? I'm kind of interested in a lot. For now I'd say Fanfic & Writing would be my main board.
2. What other sections/boards do you want to venture in and and learn more about? I'd like to get more familiar with the more in-depth concepts of battling. I think the general Pokemon Gaming Central board, General Pokemon board, and Art & Design are also areas I'd like to get acquainted with.
3. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here? I'd like to learn the general battle fundamental in Gen V, contribute to the Fan Fiction and Art sections, and just share my appreciation for Pokemon in general.

Thanks for your time~
Ooh, writing! We have the awesome Astinus open Fanfiction & Writing, she also moderates it. :3 But Derozio is also open for Art & Design, PlatinumDude for Battle Center, Sydian for General Pokemon Gaming, aaand Toujours for Pokemon General. Take your time to choose and feel free to reply back once you've decided!

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