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Originally Posted by xxkaylabby View Post
omigosh your new ones are too cute. my favorite is the first one in the small update because i love how the shading of the face is. i love how the outline is a little darker than the color you used to fill it in.
love it<3
Aww, thanks Kayla. I'm going to start doing the coloring the outline thing a lot now. :]

Originally Posted by dbp View Post
My favorite chibi is this one:


And even then I wouldn't really consider that a chibi. It'd work as the default style to a manga. A lot of cute stuff, overall. It seems like a lot of it kind of varies, though, as if some of it is older than others. Have you been doing this for a long time? I'm just wondering if it would help to put things in chronological order so people have a better idea of where you're currently at. But overall, I really like what you have.

Also, the pixel sprites are good too. I enjoy original pixel animations.

Did you make the image in your avatar as well?
Thank you. :]
Everything is in chronological order, actually. xD
I was trying a lot of different styles early on so it seems pretty random.
My avatar was drawn for me by someone on deviantart. ^w^
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