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    Well, as a youngster with an easy controllable mind, at that time quite anything could enter my mind, like the animation series, that is how i came to knew pokémon. Obviously, after seeing the cartoon, i went all mad and like many boys of that age i just wanted a pokémon game and live the adventures, and that's how i got my first game, pokémon blue.
    Growing up, i left many stuff of my childhood, since they were stupid, made awful that only a kid can like, and other reasons. Pokémon instead, even if the animated series started to become even more stupid to my eyes, the game kept entertaining me. I find that it's practically a genius concept of game: if you like fantasy creatures or adventures the storyline will sure catch you. If you're a role player and strategist gamer like me, the selection of the 4 moves a pokémon could have, trying to obtain the best combination, and making a team with what the game can offer is quite a challenge. And the pokédex is only and excuse to insert the collecting part, so those who like collecting stuff can love to do, it's even some sort of final challenge since it's quite difficult to do.
    I still like pokémon, the games at least, for the great idea they made in a game. And even if i criticize it and tell with no problems what are stupid pokémon or bad ideas added in always new game, i still find it good, lovable, entertaining. Except pokémon blue on my gameboy color, that i continue playing with attachment, i prefer the hacks actually nowdays xD
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