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    Okay we all know how this sort of thing goes down but here's how it's done anyway:

    User 1 will post a video. User 2 will rate that video and offer a bit of commentary or critique. User 2 will post another video. User 3 will do the same as User 2. Et cetera.

    other things:
    - preferred video length: less than four minutes
    - max video length: six minutes
    - video must be PC-appropriate
    - video must not be overtly-sexual
    - video must not include excessive swearing
    - video must not contain anything extremely offensive

    - you MUST provide additional commentary; saying something like "6/10 it was okay i guess" is not acceptable. you will be told off if you fail to make an appropriate contribution.
    - do not post something that is in video format but is audio only
    - fanvids, music videos, and similar are fine as long as the focus is not only on the audio but more how the audio relates to the visual

    And we're going to kick off with a video that I adore because of reasons:


    queen consortia

    my art

    roleplay theatre

    past of the past