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    Originally Posted by HyperKiller View Post
    Bad mode lets you capture Dohydra (the beast in front of the dusk path mineral cave entrance. if good mode it disappears when u gotta go there.)

    Good mode, at one part has you to go to th CyberWorld where u gotta clear out the virus Pokemon by Team earth, and fight Suvir, you may also capture Suvir, too. It is probably a steel type and it can learn most (or all) the powerful-but-non-accurate moves. Normal wont let you get any additional good pokemon i think.

    EDIT: Thanks Ash493 for helping, and also, anybody know where Felinar is? By now im probably trying to get Sprizzle, and the walkthrough guide wont tell where it is.
    If you are searching for Sprizzle then it is inside Leon Empire and only be obtainable in Normal mode of the hack

    Originally Posted by amjohnnson View Post
    Also can someone please explain the difference between the different modes on this game, normal, good, and bad? Im guessing those are the modes. Im at the point where I choose but I want to know what to expect from each mode and which pokemon I can obtain in each one. Please respond ASAP Thanks!

    UPDATE: Instead of choosing directly I went and got the next badge from the Guardian Master guy. Now I can use fly but when I read the mountain thing, It isnt giving me the option of going to the island or through the plane anymore? What happened, did I somehow bypass the order in the game? I found out that going through the plane is normal mode, and I didnt really wanna do normal :\
    Yes as you might already know there are normally three kinds of story branching in which shortly you either choose to capture the 4th legendary pokes by teaming up with Team Earth, Normal mode is hunting for the badges and the League and Good mode is to stop Team Earth plans like Hyperkiller explained