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    Shattering Worlds
    A Digimon Roleplay
    (Rated M for violence, crude languade and potential mild, adult themes)

    The Beginning
    Chaos has swallowed Earth and the Digital World as corrupted Digimon swarm and destroy as much of both worlds as they possibly can. When the first corrupted brood came to be the attacks were at first random and harmless. The natural order was able to dispatch with most of the mindless Digimon. However, survivors managed to grow and establish their strength. Filled with years of malice and suffering, the corrupted survivors orchestrated attacks on Earth and raids inside the Digital World to bend both worlds to their will. The first of the corrupted Digimon, four in total, to reach the tier of Mega learned to expand their numbers by corrupting other Digimon. They became the new gods of their revolution, and spread their corruption as far as possible.

    It took weeks for the United States to realize that the increasing number of Digimon attacks were actually organized and connected. By that time, though, the threat was recognized too late. Communications were sabotaged and the nation was the first to feel the might of the corrupted Digimon. Weakened by the sudden insurrection and world affairs the armed forces weren't enough to counter the threat. All the other countries shied away from the doomed continent as Canada and Mexico closed their borders in preparation for their own war. After three months the entire country fell. After the fall, the corrupted Digimon were given free reign to destroy and kill as much as they pleased. Humans found shelter where they could, but no area was safe for long.

    Similar conditions were apparent in the Digital World as well. Unaffected Digimon lived in fear of being corrupted by the Megas that plagued their world. Not even their saintly guardians could hope to quell the conflict that the corrupted Digimon raised. Their only hope was the co-operation of Humans. In time, a small group of chosen Digimon were sent to Earth to find Humans that could possess their digivices and restore order to both worlds.

    More About The Plot

    The RP will be broken up into chapter-like installments. It will begin during a corrupted Digimon rampage in New York where the tamers and Digimon will first meet. Together they'll fend off their common enemy and find an escape route out of the state. Each chapter following will continue the story until the end. The ultimate goal will be to defeat all four corrupted Mega Digimon (anonymous for now) and find a way to either eliminate or cleanse the rest of their corruption. This might be difficult, however, because they may also have to deal with the rest of the world and Dystopian United States.

    Corrupted Digimon are usually Deep-red in eye color, yellow if the usual color is red. They may be different in body color-scheme, but they all "glitch out" with their form suddenly distorting in some way. Any Digimon partner could become corrupted in the later chapters!! (recoverable condition, so no worries about losing the Digimon partner)

    RP Rules

    1.) Mind the "M" rating! Violence, language and adult themes are fine mild.
    2.) I would like a minimum of at least 1-2 medium-sized posts a week; notice me in advance if something comes up so I don't give away your spot!
    a.) Any replaced person's character will be killed in-story and the new person will start off where that player left off (this will affect Rule #3 by my discretion depending on circumstances)
    3.) A Digimon is allowed to start off with the capability of digivolving to Champion level. However, this will result in a slower climb to Ultimate. The Tamers and Digimon will be Biomerging to Mega in this RP (Being in the Digital World is required to Biomerge).
    4.) Any Player-on-Player conflicts in-game will be a joined post (does not complete the post requirement for either player unless mentioned). It will be left to the players themselves to decide a winner and the terms the battle ends unless IC/OOC intervention is requested.
    5.) There will be a position to help control NPCs, but I will ultimately control them. They are available for reasonable bunnying to advance a player's post.
    6.) Bunnying is allowed with owner consent, but I must be alerted that there's permission. No Godmodding!!

    Players: (5-6 including me, but I will accept a few NPC aids and significant late-entries)
    (1) heretostay123 (Bakura and Gil)
    (2) Fuyu (Lark "Kit" and Paopao)
    (3) Puppeteer Mask (Samantha and Rosencrantz)
    (4) KingKaos (Kaiba and Draco)
    (5) TheUglyDucklett (Dontae and Artemis)
    (6) DavidtheDeadPhilosopher (Miles and Cinni)

    NPC Aids:

    Appearance: (keep it brief; no need to go crazy. Pictures as visual aid are acceptable)
    Personality: (1 paragraph minimum)
    History: (1 paragraph minimum; include what the character is doing during the attack)

    Digivolution Route: (InTraining --> Rookie --> Champion --> Ultimate --> Mega)
    Personality: (two paragraphs; one to establish normal personality and a quick one to include personality while corrupted)
    History: (1/2 paragraph and include what the Digimon is doing during the attack; they may come into contact with their partner!)
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