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    Throughout pokemon, we've been taught how to basically play the game during the start of each game (usually after we get our starter pokemon). The characters in the game usually teach us how to battle pokemon, and capture pokemon, with the rest of the battle mechanics are taught in say, battle schools.

    Now, along side pokemon newcomers, since there is a great chance that a number of people who will play Pokemon X&Y will be 'pokemon veterans' who know how to play pokemon already, I just want to ask, how do you think the 'tutorial' or help modes will play out these games? Should there be an option to skip over the tutorial immediately for veterans? Or do you think of the whole, 'don't fix what isn't broken'? Maybe there can be a tutorial demo, or some sort of help mode that is separate from the actual gameplay of Pokemon X&Y?

    For example, look at Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed. The main help mode is available from the start of the game. It's useful if you get stuck and don't know what to do. To access the Help Screen press the L or R shoulder button on your Game Boy Advance. A blue Help Screen will come up with three menu options. When selected each menu option either a long list of questions you may have or terms you'll need to comprehend to be a successful Pokemon trainer. The questions change depending on where you are in Kanto:

    There's also a Key Item called Teachy T.V in LG/FR.

    These tutorials are made for novice trainers or trainers that just want to take a break from battling. An example of a tutorial is that PokeDude will show you how to battle a Pokemon. One instance is when he will battle a Pidgey and explain what's he's doing during the battle.

    But again, the main focus of this thread is, how do you think, or want, the 'tutorial' or 'help modes' will play out in these games?

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