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...I hate the long mandatory tutorials! However, I will take a short REQUIRED one. Like, perhaps the professor or rival will say:
"Oh, PLAYER, do you know how to catch a pokemon? I'll show you, follow me!"
One battle later, the pokemon is caught, and the tutorial is finished. I do not want the professor prolonging the tutorial:
"Pokemon appear in tall grass. Come on, here is the tall grass. Now, I walk around. Oh, look! A pokemon! Don't worry, PLAYER, I'll show you how to catch it!" ....and then he/she proceeds to narrate every single thing in the battle;
"First, send out your pokemon! Weaken your opponent, but don't make it faint! Weaken it some more! Status effects also help! Now, select BAG. Now, select BALLS. Now, select POKEBALL. From there, press USE." etc. ...I mean, we can see what's happening. But I want the short tutorial because it's kind of nice to go through the same thing in different lifetimes(by that, I mean different games) and kind of have a connection to your past self...and nostalgia. Also, I want to see the process in 3D lol
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