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    Oh, the gullibility of men was so clear in the people that accepted the deal without question and only compliance; Crystia felt the urge to walk over and smack them across the cheeks just to see their reaction, but getting beaten down by overwhelming numbers was perhaps something less than an optimal result. Still, it would have been awfully funny; she could have thrown up her hands and say a vision told her to do it, and they'd believe her like the village fool would a malevolent Lord's Daughter. Mystical references to a perfect society and its programs may have warmed the hearts of the gullible, but what it really meant was putting power in the hands of these Monks of Elikore.

    Nevertheless, the non-committal response that followed was exactly what she would have expected from people hiding something, which they likely were despite their attempts at a benevolent greeting, was something far more intriguing.. She knew well enough that hiding secrets from people was one of the fun parts about being able to manipulate magic; perhaps she'd be able to fool another few of the knights with them if they got to traveling. Though the thought of sitting around men in armor wasn't going to be fun; all clunky metal and straps that took far too long to put on, and would have left her slender elven bones feeling groggy every step of the way.

    The Monk dared to doubt her ability to comprehend, as though she wasn't the only one present who understood the machinations, though not the intentions, of Fate. But he continued with his gusto to reveal something tangible for her to grasp, instead of taking the word of isolationists above all reason. If anything, their way of life made them more untrustworthy, for no news of disaster could spread so easily as in a populated or well-traveled area; demons could have assaulted the place while everyone's back was turned. But tomes were always fun, even if it didn't contain the orb's truths; knowledge, secrets, or recipes were all something to make use of.

    Unless he'd placed an explosive rune on one of the pages. He did seem to copy her eye trick, after all, what with the stare he gave everyone before announcing that she would be offered the chance to carry the dusty old tome. Ancient pages that would wither like a dried flower to any but the softest touch; of course she would be the perfect carrier! The first task would be finding a safe way to carry it, and the Silver Plains cloak hanging around her shoulders was as good as any other wrap. Soft, tough, and likely to be stolen, but anybody who bothered to hassle them would either die before getting the chance or be dead themselves. Unless she was greatly overestimating the abilities of people around her, because any whelp could be shoved into a suit of armor or called as emissaries if their ruler was egotistical enough to believe their blood stronger than any training.

    "That's a lovely offer." Crystia said quietly, as she ran her hand down the edge of her stolen cape and, in one elegant motion, had it swept from her slender shoulders before appearing in a perfect square atop her palm, much in the same way a traveling showman could. Though, she did it more for efficiency than wowing an audience with simple tricks. She waited to be invited to take the tome, or have it handed over, before she wrapped the dull edges in the weave of an eclipsed sun. "And it will quell my concerns, for the time being. Thank you." Though she did not meet the Monk's gaze, the elf gave a nod of her approval.
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