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Going to go ahead and test my new post formatting here.


Gwen Deallus
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This is the bit where the text goes, and shiz. I could just put anything here for now, this is only a test after all.
I don't even know why you're reading this.
you really should just stop.

Still reading huh? Well, I have to congratulate you, for your determination you win 500 rupees. Nope, not the legend of zelda type rupees, the Indian currency.

So today whilst tidying my room I found a 500 rupee note.
I've never even been to India. I have no idea where this came from.
There might be some kind of magical pixie that likes to deposit foreign currency under my wardrobe.
That would be pretty chill I guess.

I shall call him Gavin.

Gavin the money-pixie.


Opinions? I Might change the text colour to a darker red, can you guys read it alright as it is?