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    Name: Bakura Jinguar
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Bakura is roughly 6'5 with a skinny build. He doesn't have much muscle, but he is rather intelligent. He isn't pale, but he is tan. His ice-blue eyes make him seem a little more mysterious than he actually is. His hair is long and white and it hangs down to his waist. It is poofed out and is as wide as his
    body. His usual apparel is a a blue and white polo with a blue button up shirt that he keeps unbuttoned, and blue jeans, with blue sneakers. His digivice is a bluish-color.

    Personality: Bakura is very....different. His personality is split down the middle. Some days he will be completely serious and the rest of the time he's loose and care free. His serious personality is his normal one. He is intelligent, his eyes are keener, and he is way more cautious. His care-free personality is the less frequent one, but he is way more enjoyable. Bakura tends to forget to use his smarts, he forgets minor details, and he is a little reckless. This Bakura is the life of the party. He is smooth and funny.

    History: Bakura was born in Cairo, Eqypt. His parents were American archaeologists who had taken the position of chief archaelogists over their site, and the pay was good. He grew up a rich American in Africa: The locals didn't exactly appreciate them. When he was 14, his family was assaulted by a horde of angry, poor Egyptians. For three years, he lived a boring American life without the interest. When the attacked happened, he was in downtown. He panicked and began to run away. He found Gil after being knocked aside by a car in Nashville, Tennessee. He almost panicked at the sight of a digimon, but his care-free personality had reign, and he was more curious than he was afraid. The pair somehow felt connected to each other, and they became good friends after about half an hour of running together with conversation.

    Breed: Guilmon
    Nickname: Gil
    Gender: Male
    Digivolution Route: Gigimon --> Guilmon --> Growlmon --> Wargrowlmon --> Gallantmon

    Personality: Gil is a very soft-spoken young digimon. He was always the quiet one who would avoid any battles if possible. He was afraid of being attacked by the larger, more powerful digimon. Hee feared that he was too weak fight. When he wasn't cowering, he was making friends with the smaller digimon. He is a kindred spirit, but he will fight to defend others if it's justified. When in battle, he goes all out. He only fights those he believes are truly evil.

    When he is corrupted, he is a bloodthirsty killing machine. He shows no sign of memory from before, and he has no remorse. Death is almost certain if he is in his mega form.

    History: Gil was born a Gigimon, the runt of his family. His mother abandoned him as a child, but a group composed of a Kokomon, Gummymon, and a Chibomon. The group of friends were together at all times. Eventually they digivolved together. A Terriermon, Lopmon, Veemon, and Guilmon. Not the group you would expect to see. They lived together in a small cave in the Digiworld for a long time. The only time they seperated when the attacks happened...

    A Kowakumon invaded their home and killed the Terriermon instantly, and they fled as fast as they could. As they were running, a Tortamon quickly ran down the Lopmon. The Veemon and Gil ran as fast as they could, but they ended up cornered in a cliff by the Kowakumon and Tortamon. They were going to give up, but they decided to go out fighting. They charged the champion digimon and managed to defeat the Tortamon, but the Kowakumon had knocked them back. It killed Veemon and was going to kill Gil. It would've succeeded, but a portal to the real world opened behind him and he retreated into it. He popped out and came from an alleyway only to see Bakura hit the ground in front of him. They were a little scared of each other at first, but they began running in the same direction and conversed. They have been best friends ever since.
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