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    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    All awesome points, but have been edited here to make it take less space.
    Alright, I got what you mean about the trainers now, I'm going to keep the base pose for Red, but, edit accordingly. So, basically a determined; but, less 'I'm gonna destroy you' look in his face. Green, I'll adjust the mouth, see how it looks, if that still doesn't work. I'll use Rosa as a base and heavily edit that into Green (already showed you some of the progress on Green's sprite in the Visitor Messages on our profiles.) So, at this point I fixed the awkward Green sprite problem.

    In regards to Dr. Fuji, I believe the canon is the original Japanese one, the English mimicing the anime makes no sense as the games and anime only barely resemble each other (plus, the dub of the Mewtwo movie is probably the most re-written script in the history of English Pokémon. In the original Mewtwo was questioning his exisistance rather than the "DERP HERP I WANNA TAKE OVER ZIE WELT, HAHAH". Yeah, the old man censorship people tend to look over and for whatever reason no one added that to TCRC. Thank you for the ticket explanation as well, I would've never known that had you not said that.

    I went and made the font the one from HG/SS for the most part, I also changed Red's back, I originally made one myself. But, this one looks a lot better:

    So, credit to Chaos Rush for the Red and Green backsprites, even though I haven't edited in Green's new one yet, I also attempted her's, but, once again Chaos Rush's looks better. Only thing I edited on the sprites is giving Red his black hair back.
    Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

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