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    If I don't finish please reserve

    Name: Kaiba moon
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kaiba is 5'7 with spiky golden hair with a blue and black crown. He has dark blue eyes that he may cover with his sunglasses, that are kept in a special case in his pocket. He is always wearing black fingerless gloves. He has regular attire includes black jeans with a chain coming out of his left pocket, a belt with a golden skull on the buckle, and a white jacket. His shoes are black with white laces.
    Personality: Kaiba is known to have somewhat of a king complex as exhibited by him having a crowd in his head making him believe he's better than most people. This will often result in him telling people that they should be looking up to him and never down because he is a true king in his own mind. Because of this Kaiba likes being alone he doesn't really like being around friends he doesn't have many. He does have some friends that he often calls his "subjects" instead of actual friends. Kaiba is very proud because of his king like mentality he doesn't believe that he should ever lose. This keeps him going even if he knows that he should just give up the struggle but because of his tenacity, it gives him the strength to fight a battle longer than most people.
    This makes Kaiba's pride both his strength and his weakness. Kaiba is not known to smile very often unless he is bragging about himself.
    History: (1 paragraph minimum; include what the character is doing during the attack) I was born in foster care with 17 different children, he was the third oldest but because this there were so many kids he was often ignored. This caused Kaiba to try to make himself stand out amongst the other children thus he developed his king like mentality he created a little crown for himself so that he will be known as the king of the foster house. Kaiba developed this mentality because this allowed him to stay in people's minds so throughout his life Kaiba continued to act like people were below him. He would continue to see people as below him and himself as a king living among the peasants. During the attack Kaiba was seen just relaxing in his room but then he noticed that everything was getting a little crazy and there were things shaking. He eventually went to the window to see that the world was just getting destroyed and he didn't know what to do. Kaiba of course was unfazed by this because before he felt that this world wasn't suited for him anyway so he closed the blinds and prepared to leave his home. "This world isn't a throne good enough for me anyway." He said as he packed most of his things and headed out to the streets.

    Breed: dorumon
    Nickname: Draco
    Gender: Male
    Digivolution Route: (InTraining --> Rookie --> Champion --> Ultimate --> Mega) dorimon > dorumon > dorugamon > dorugreymon > dorugoramon
    Personality: Draco is known to be a brawler all the time always ready to fight always wanting to fight. He never wants to back down. He never really knows when to give up and that is often the reason he will get seriously injured in the digital world. While Draco enjoys fighting he never bullies the weak he will always be their protector because he knows what it's like to be the smaller dog in the fight. That being said when Draco is corrupted his personality takes a slight change for the worse he because Horrible… And wants to destroy everything good, evil, friend, or foe so he just wants to continue fighting. He wants to continue to hurt and wants to destroy everything. He no longer finds a thrill fighting he only finds a thrill in destroying and seeing his opponent crumbled before him. He will continue and always continue to attack you when he knows that he's won the fight he will not stop until his opponent is nothing more than a pile of rubble.
    History: (1/2 paragraph and include what the Digimon is doing during the attack; they may come into contact with their partner!) Draco grew up in an environment where he was known to be the smallest dog in the fight he would always get bullied. Draco always found himself battling against the bigger digimon. They were usually champion digimon, but he decided that he would not let himself be defeated by their bullying acts. This caused Draco to fight back against them and attempted to win against them. He soon found himself training to become stronger and eventually defeating the stronger digimon. He would still get pummeled and defeated just as often but his scrappy attitude eventually stopped the bigger digimon from fighting him. When the attacks started, Draco found himself running around in the unknown area but not going berserk like the rest. Draco found no pleasure in destroying or bullying the humans and thus he ran around. As he was running around he bumped into Kaiba. They glared at each other intensely. That's when Kaiba said "I gladly accept you as my first subject on my road to making a new kingdom" of course Draco was confused and walked away.
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